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First Night in Vegas

Posted on July 27, 2008 by under Travel.    

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Our first night in Las Vegas entailed having dinner with April, Cory, and all the family and friends who have traveled to LV to witness and share their special day. It was a very long day. Brian and I were up for 24 hours straight because we had the brilliant idea of working a half day before flying out. We’ve been carpooling to work so we both worked from 7 am to 11 am. We were up a couple of hours before that finalizing our packing and loading everything into the trunk of the car (so that when we got out of work, we could head to the airport without having to return to the house to pick up our bags).

When we arrived in LV, we had picked up a shuttle to our hotel. Dill and them had planned on picking us up at the airport, but they were out getting tuxes and stuff so we were on our own. At only $6 per person (or $15 after tipping the driver), the shuttle was pretty cheap, though. We had just enough time to check and unpack before we had to head out to dinner on the opposite end of the strip (we were on the North end). We didn’t even have time to change or anything, so Brian and I both still had on our clothes we wore to work that morning.

Dill had advised us to use the Duece as our primary mode of transportation, but I had read some negatives about it online. Most of the folks at Trip Advisor recommended the Monorail. Brian and I went ahead and purchased two 3-day unlimited passes. They are non-shareable, unfortunately. That cost us $28 per person, but it worked out great because the Monorail costs $5 a ride and we must have ridden it a hundred times that weekend. We got our money’s worth, that’s for sure.

The guys arrived late because they were stuck at the tux shop. The Dills arrived even later. Dinner was alright. It gave us the opportunity to meet everyone. I couldn’t believe how many people came out to attend April and Cory’s wedding. I thought that spoke volumes about how much their friends and family cared for them.

After dinner everyone wanted to go clubbing. Brian only brought one pair of nice pants, though. And he was wearing it to the wedding the next day so we couldn’t afford to mess it up. Besides that, he doesn’t drink so the clubbing thing was not really all that appealing. I would have liked to have gone, though. We bowed out and returned to our hotel.

The plan was to rest because we were both exhausted from being up so early. Actually, exhausted is an understatement. However, as you know, plans often change at the last minute. We were wandering around the hotel casino and found out that there was an 11 pm poker tournament and we were just in time for it. Brian and I gave it a try. That took us all the way up to almost 4 am because I made it to the final two tables. When I got knocked out, I was really disappointed because I had played for almost 5 hours, I was completely fatigued, my eyes were drying out and my contacts were beginning to cling to my eyeballs, and I had nothing to show for it. We stayed up and for what? Nothing. It was quite frustrating.

Anyway, that’s the story of our first night in LV. Stayed tuned for more pictures in future posts.

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