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Cinco de Mayo

Posted on May 8, 2005 by under Life, Poker.    

Freddy at SidePockets

This is Freddy. He used to play poker with us at Loft 150 but he’s recently been playing at Side Pockets instead. I hadn’t seen him in forever until last Thursday. All because of Cinco de Mayo. Here’s what happened..

Jason was supposed to pick me up. So I’m goofing around on the internet waiting for him to call me and tell me that he’s outside the door. Around six thirty-ish I begin to wonder where he is but I’m chill. I’m not going to harrass him. Beggars can’t be choosers, you know? He’s doing me a favor and I’m grateful so I’m just surfing the web, that sort of stuff.

After a few minutes, I see my phone light up. It’s Jason.

“Are you here?”

“No, but I’m almost there. I’m at Central and Waco.”

“You’re nowhere close. What are you doing all the way over there?”

So he proceeds to tell me how he saw Amber’s ex lurking in his neighborhood and he was irked about that so he decided to tail the guy.

“Instead of taking the normal way, I took the back way because I wanted to follow his ass. He can’t keep doing this shit.” This shit being stalking Amber.

So the whole time he’s engrossed in telling me the story of how he’s following the guy etc. he totally misses the part that he’s nowhere near where I am. So I had interrupt his narrative and ask, “So why are you all the way over there? I’m at home.”

“What? What are you doing at home? We always pick you up from your work!”

Now it finally sinks in. What we have here is a failure to communicate (name that song, Bunz; you might have some competition here because I think Jason might know this, too). Brian didn’t tell Jason where to pick me up. Since they have always picked me up from work for Thursday night poker, Jason assumed that’s where I would be. Since I didn’t bother to call him myself to make these arrangements, it’s partly my fault. I should’ve called him just to make sure. I was just too busy fucking around on the internet.

I would’ve have stayed at work and just waited for him to pick me up there, but remember I couldn’t buy my tampons over lunch due to our Sweet Basil reservations so I had to buy it after work which put me back at the house. So anyway, at this point I’ve got like fifteen minutes to get there, find parking, and sign the list. So I high tail it out of the house. I left my phone at home because it needed charging. In the meantime, Brian and Jason are both trying to get a hold of me to tell me not to go anywhere because poker at Loft 150 has been canceled due to Cinco de Mayo. Like it’s not enough that they canceled it for St. Patrick’s Day. Why did both days have to end up on a Thursday night this year? Ugh.

I get to Loft 150 exactly at seven half expecting everyone to be at their tables ready to shuffle up and deal, but there is no one there. Chad, Jason, and Tiffany were all sitting together talking. I whine about how I risked life and limb to get there on time by speeding (I never speed because I always leave like fifteen minutes earlier than I should whenever I go anywhere; it’s not enough to get there on time, I like being early; add that to my list of compulsions) and how much of a disappointment it was. So we sat around and pondered our options. There’s Oscars which is just a block away, but we decided against it because Jason said the players there are worse than APL players. They don’t know how the blinds work, they act like they’ve never played poker before, and they’ll call anything because they don’t know how to figure their odds. He says they’ll have a 2% chance of winning, call an all-in bet, and they’ll get lucky on the river. It’s really bad, he says. Brian agrees. He says that he’s heard of poker brawls over there because of stupid shit. Who the hell brawls over free poker?

Then I remembered Freddy’s comment on Nick’s blog. So I tell them that Side Pockets plays on Thursdays. We call over there and they confirm that both the 7:30 pm and 10:30 pm sessions are go. It’s like 7:15 pm. Chad and I decide to ride with Jason. He stopped to get gas but we manage to get there with a minute to spare. Not bad. A bunch of Loft 150 regulars were there, too. And some people who I have seen playing poker at the Loft a few times but hadn’t seen in a while.

Brian hates Side Pockets, though. I like it for the cheap drinks (can’t beat cheap drinks; LOL). We always tend to play with the same group of people at the Loft and they know my playing style so I think not being a regular at Side Pockets works to my advantage. Plus, have I already mentioned the cheap drinks?

So anyway, if it weren’t for Side Pockets I wouldn’t have been able to play poker on Thursday. That’s how poker almost didn’t happen. But it worked for the best because I ran into Freddy, who I hadn’t seen in a long time.

Speaking of Freddy, I don’t think he knows this but we call him Little Joey, after a guy we used to play poker with at Fingers. I’d seen Joey a couple of times at the Loft, but I don’t think he and Freddy ever met. I think Joey starting coming right as Freddy stopped. Freddy bears a remarkable resemblance to him, even down to the mannerisms. Little Joey isn’t really in reference to size. We say Little Joey because Freddy is a much younger version of Joey.

By the way, while I was looking up links to these various establishments I came across the Wichita Live Web Cam. It’s awesome! You can select some of the presets or control the cam yourself by zooming in and out and panning to different directions. You all know how much I enjoy sharing the cool things that I find. With the Wichita River Festival going on right now, there’s a lot of activity downtown. I think the cam will be pretty entertaining. Much more entertaining than ours, that’s for sure. Enjoy!

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