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Another EPIC Night with PB Friends

Posted on November 29, 2021 by under Life.    

Brian and I went out with the pickleball peeps last weekend when EPIC had a gig at Mordecai’s. EPIC is a favorite among this group.

I’m not into going out these days because I just want to play pickleball but Donnie sold it to me this way – Mordecai’s is only five minutes from our house. Also, I did want to get Brian out because he’s been staying home too much lately. He needs to show his handsome face every now and then just to remind people he exists.

It was our first time at Mordecai’s even though it’s so close to where we live. Not a surprise since we don’t really do the going out thing anymore. I think the last time we were out there was over ten years ago. The place was called the Lizard’s Lounge and went probably because another friend’s band had a gig. That’s usually the reason we go out to these things — peer pressure. LOL.

Here are some pictures from that epic (pun intended) Saturday night.





It was Tim Hereen’s birthday weekend so everyone was in a festive mood. These wild picklers spent most of the night on the dance floor. One of my new friends Mitch Spencer, lawyer by day and dance floor king by night, was dancing his heart out and showing off his awesome dance moves.

Brian was like, “I didn’t know Mitch was like THAT.”

“Like WHAT, babe?” I ask him, “An avid dancer?”

It’s so much fun to hang out with people off the pickleball court because you get to learn so much more about them and get to know them as people and not just as targets to body bag. I’m kidding about that last part. Maybe.

Seriously, though. I learned that night that most pickleball people also love to dance. It explains a lot. It does require a good amount of coordination in order to play doubles pickleball. That cat and mouse at the non-volley zone (kitchen) is kind of like a dance. Odds are, if someone is graceful on the court, they probably have some funky fresh dance moves to go along with it.

That is all for now. Until next time. GNG.

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