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Busy Day

Posted on November 7, 2004 by under Life.    


Healing Waters’ Robe
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Today was one of the busiest days ever.  Brian and I got up at 10:30 AM so we could meet our trainer at the Y.  Got done with that at noon, got gas for my car and more cash for tipping the massage therapists, grubbed at Arby’s and then headed to Healing Waters for our couples massage.

Got there with plenty of time to spare, (our appointment was for 1:00 PM) so we chilled for a bit.  I really enjoy sitting next to the fire, in the warm and comfy robe and nubby slippers.  Our appointment was for an hour and a half of the couples aromatherapy massage this time so we were there until 2:30 PM.  I told my friend that I would meet her at 3:00 PM to discuss our group project so after changing and checking out and scheduling our next appointments (bikini wax on December 19 and another hour and a half couples massage on January 9) we were running very, very late.

I had asked Brian the other day if he knew how to get to Barnes & Noble out West and he said he did so I trusted that he knew where he was going.  On the way, I call my friend.  Her husband answered.  I guess it was her home phone number that I had.  He said she wasn’t home because she was meeting one of her friends from school.  This was good sign.  It meant that she went to the bookstore.  I was worried that she had dropped the class because she didn’t show up last Thursday.

So anyway, we get off on Dugan and it suddenly dawns on Brian that he was going to Best Buy.  I guess he had Best Buy on the brain instead of Barnes & Noble.  He’s like, “It’s okay we can get back on the highway.”

We are running very, very late but I do my best to remain calm.  Finally he takes me to New Market Square.  I’m like, “What the fuck?!  There’s no Barnes & Noble here?!  This is Borders!”  At this point, I’m flipping out because it’s 3:30 PM and we don’t know where the fuck we are.  I’m this close to crying.  I get frustrated really easily, as you can probably already tell.  I’m thinking, “I can’t believe this is happening to me.”

I called Jen’s husband again.  I’m like, “Did she tell you where she was going?  Did she go to Borders or Barnes & Noble?”  He’s like, “She didn’t say.”  He has no clue where the Barnes & Noble is on the West side so no help there but he did give me her cellphone number which I didn’t previously have.  So that was really good.

In the meantime, Brian has called information to ask for the address of the Barnes & Noble in West Wichita.  Come to find out, there isn’t one.  At the same time that this is going on I’m calling Jen.  She confirms that she is indeed at Borders.  Sigh of relief.  Great, we are at the right place.  Thank the Lord!

We do our thing there and we get done around 4:45 PM.  I’m starving and want to go somewhere to eat.  We had full intention of going to Philippine Grille until Brian pointed out what time it was.  And I had promised both Henry (Brian’s boss) and Ashley that I would meet them for racquetball at 5:00 PM.  So now dinner is scratched and I’m changing into workout shorts while Brian is driving.  We get to the Y around 5:10 PM.  Brian just dropped me off.  He uses every excuse not to play these days.  But that’s cool because Henry and Deb came so we got to play doubles with them.  It was fun.

We got done at 7:00 PM and promptly went to Chipotle to pig out.  Now I’m home and I’m sleepy.  I don’t feel like doing homework so I’m blogging.  Yikes!

I think I’m going to turn in early tonight.  Have a good evening ya’ll!

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