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Kimberly’s Birthday

Posted on July 31, 2021 by under Events.    


The Friday night pickleball group celebrated Kimberly’s birthday last Friday at Nahola. Brian took one for the team and ended his video game stream early so he could pick up our pizza and have it ready so that none of us would have to stop playing to get food and so the food would be ready by the time play was over. He is such a trooper. It’s Kimberly’s birthday so we wanted it to be special.


I got a couple of large pizzas — one all meat and one cheeseburger — and some cheesy bread sticks for everyone to share.


The gang really wanted cheesy bread but when I called they immediately told me they were out of medium sized pizzas. I told the lady it was fine because I was ordering large pizzas but when I got to the cheesy bread she said they couldn’t make it because they make it out of the medium pizza dough. So I ended up getting three orders of cheesy bread sticks instead.


I really didn’t need to get the cheesy bread sticks because we had more than enough pizza for everyone and we just ended up having most of the bread sticks leftover. I suppose it is better to have more food than not enough.


Here’s a picture of our kick ass Friday night group. I love these peeps and I love my Friday nights at Nahola. So glad Debbie included me and made me permanent on the roster. Until next time. GNG.

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