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Explore Wichita

Posted on May 25, 2021 by under Things to Do.    

As everyone knows, I love to explore and experience new things and sometimes it involves activities that none of my friends really have interest in. In the past I’ve joined groups like the Adventurous Babes Society just to find others to do things with. I joined the Explore Wichita meetup group a long time ago but had never really attended any outings until recently.

A few weeks ago we all went to Enigma for salsa night. There was supposed to be a salsa lesson but the instructors couldn’t make it that night but we still made the best of it. My friend Greg was there and got us started with the social dancing.

Trivia Night at Chicken N Pickle

Trivia night at Chicken N Pickle was the second outing I attended. I’d always wanted to try trivia night at Chicken N Pickle but couldn’t get a group together. I’m so glad that Explore Wichita decided to do it because then I could just join their group. It was a really good turnout and our team took second that night.

Trivia Night at Chicken N Pickle

If you are looking to do things and don’t have people to do things with, I highly recommend joining the Explore Wichita group. It’s an excellent networking group for Wichita professionals who just want to have fun. The group gives you an opportunity to meet and socialize with a diverse group of people, discover some unique places, and experience activities around town that you’ve never done. The group does tend to eat out a lot but they also do a lot of different things. JJ does an excellent job of organizing activities and leading the group. Also, everyone is super nice and welcoming to new people. Whether you are new to Wichita or you’ve been around a while, I highly recommend joining this group.

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