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Germany Day 5

Posted on March 5, 2009 by under Life, Travel.    

Today was a great day. I got a lot accomplished at work and we are making great progress in getting the new system up and running for the US. I got access to the new and permanent test bed today. This will be the system that is copied over to the Integration side in a few weeks so the testing of this system is crucial to the success of the US. I have to spend all day Friday running through the check list that I created and ran on the previous days. I need to see if the errors that occurred before come up now or did the development team fix them (they will not be back until Monday). I think it will be good to see the system with the copy of the Live data that is loaded. I can test response times and determine what areas I will need to train and what areas will be issues when it comes to the users. For the most part the new system is not that different from the old, with one major exception, Its far easier to use and follows a logical process. The previous system did not follow this process and was very scattered in how you entered and retrieved data. All-in-all, I think this new system will be a great success in the US and will assist in limiting the amount of issues that will occur.

Now to the reason I am really happy. I FOUND FRIED CHICKEN!!!!

I was taken to a little food shop on the corner next to the Viega building. It has chicken halves (that’s right, Halves not pieces, HALVES). and they are roasted. If you want it fried, they take the half and drop it into a deep fryer. They you have a crispy chicken. I got that and french fries for lunch and could not have been more pleased. The people around me kept looking at me because I was eating like I had not had a meal in days. Which is not far from the truth. I think I may go there again for lunch. I need to take a picture of the meal, its quite large. Its the first time that I ate a meal and was nit the slightest bit hungry a few hours later.

I don’t know what I am going to do tonight. They have a bar down stairs so I have a feeling that it will be very noisy later in the evening. I found a site I can watch movies from so I may just watch a few films until I pass out.

9 days left then i am back home ot family, friends and a familure surrounding. I think I am going to demand to be taken to Freddy’s after I land. I miss good-ol American burgers. Enjoy the photos and I should have more this weekend if the weather holds out. It rained yesterday and we were advised of more rain so I will hope that it passes quickly like it has since I arrived.

More later.

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