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The Pink Boa is the Girliest Store Ever

Posted on January 4, 2009 by under Flickr, Life.    

The Pink Boa has been around for about two years now and I’d still never been there. When Sunny found out she gave me a 25% off coupon to the store. With some of the weather we’d had over the last month and the craziness of the holiday, I’d still never gotten around to going. That changed yesterday afternoon when Sunny picked me up and too me there. It worked out perfect because my loving husband had absolutely no desire to go. He missed out on seeing some of the girliest stuff on the planet, though. Here are some of the photos I took with my phone…







It is the neatest store ever! I can’t believe I’d never been there. I ended up picking up an “Art by Amy” poker themed pendant (similar to the one that Sunny has, but with different baubles dangling from it) and two silks (a red one and a black one) to go with it. The store doesn’t allow any discounts on “Art by Amy” because they don’t do any markup on the price so I had to pick something else out to use my 25% off coupon on… Well, I technically didn’t HAVE to but I was compelled to because I am not one to pass up a good deal and I really didn’t know when I could return to the store, knowing Brian. Anyway, I picked out this Pink Panache ball-bearing poker themed necklace that I thought was really cool and unique. I was able to use my coupon on that.

Thank you so much for the coupon and for taking me, Sunny!

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Replies to "The Pink Boa is the Girliest Store Ever"


Sunny  on January 5, 2009

My pleasure, girlfriend!


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