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NyQuil Refill, Anyone?

Posted on December 11, 2008 by under Flickr, Life.    



Brian and I stopped by the store to pick up some more DayQuil and NyQuil on the way home from work today. I finished an entire box of NyQuil this week. Now that we are both sick (no thanks to me and my kissy faces and snuggling with Brian despite being “germy” and covered with cooties), Brian needs some too. There’s no telling how long this box will last.

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  • Replies to "NyQuil Refill, Anyone?"


    Jennifer  on December 12, 2008

    Matt just bought a new box this morning before work for tonight. I personally go with the Alka-Seltzer Cold. I think I’m actually getting worse which is a real bummer. I hope you guys get better soon!!!

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