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Had Dinner with Jen at Hanna Today

Posted on November 18, 2008 by under Family, Life, Toys, Videos.    


I told Brian that Jen told me she had been doing really well with saving money and wanted to take me out to dinner. I was like, “Great. I don’t want to be responsible for her relapse back into irresponsibility.” After she told me everything that has been going on, I felt so bad that I was obligated to buy dinner. =P (Not that things are bad, she just has a lot of expenses and needs to save what she can.)

We went to Lucinda’s after dinner. I love that store! I got me a business card holder. I’d been wanting one for the last four years for a nice one, I finally just decided to buy one for myself. It cost twice as much as I really wanted to spend on one, but it is pretty and Brian didn’t seem to flinch when I told him the price so I guess it is okay. Anyway, I like it a lot and that’s what really matters.

P.S. The video above was taken at Hanna while I was showing Jen my Mini 9. I told her she needed to vlog. I think we will need to revive her old blog with videos and podcasts.

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  • Replies to "Had Dinner with Jen at Hanna Today"


    Jennifer Cannady  on November 19, 2008

    YES PLEASE! Bring it back to life! That vid above is a perfect start for it! Come on Jen, come back to the world!

    I’m stealing the video above, by the way, to put on my website as proof in the existence of Jen.

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