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Cruise Recap Cont’d – Day Four

Posted on February 7, 2016 by under Travel, Zumba.    

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 8.52.11 PM

Our fourth day on the cruise was spent docked in Falmouth, Jamaica. Having visited Jamaica a few times before, Brian and I decided to not even get off the ship. We wanted to have a nice leisurely day while everyone else was off the boat, but I had to get all my Zumba classes out of the way first.


ZES Gina Grant and Dahrio Wonder’s class was my first stop. They gave us a taste of the Hip Hop Turn Up workshop that they do at Convention.




We learned the moves during the warm up and we got to practice them almost to mind-numbing repetitiveness. Eventually we got to put it all together and actually dance a few songs. Maybe I would feel differently if I didn’t look so goofy dancing hip hop. LOL. I did like the Water Dance.

Here’s the official choreo video from Gina’s YouTube:

My next class was with the amazing ZES Betsy Dopico.


Here’s a video of her in action:

While everyone else was doing excursions in Jamaica, Brian and I decided to hit the spa and take advantage of the 20-20-20 special.


The one complaint that we’d heard from people about the spa was that you couldn’t really relax because you could hear Zumba music thump, thump, thumping all through your spa therapy session.


Brian and I thought we were pretty clever about scheduling our massages at 3 PM while most people were off the ship and there was no Zumba going on. When we were in Labadee, the first afternoon classes didn’t start until four-thirty. Since there was no live concert in Jamaica, the afternoon classes at the jogging track (the stage and speakers were set up right outside the spa) started at three-thirty. Halfway through my massage, the Zumba music started going.

It was ZES Erick Santana’s masterclass which Missy was in. We watched her from the window but she was so focused. She didn’t see us at all.

We met up with Missy, Todd, and Glynda for dinner that night. Not sure what Rob and Heather were up to but we left a message on their room phone. I think they might not have gotten our message until late, though.

This is me playing peak-a-boo with one of the dining room curtains.


We finally got some lobster on the menu. I think almost everyone except Brian got lobster. I should have had him ask for one too so I could have two of them.


In case you were wondering how to gracefully take the lobster meat out of the shell, here’s how it’s done.



One of the funniest things about the dinners is that it seemed like I would always end up with the wrong menu. We’d all be talking about what each of us would have and I’d say something like, “I’m having the baked Alaska.” And everyone would be like, “Where do you see that?” Because their menus were different than mine. I think it happened three times. The uncanny part is, I was always the one it happened to.


Oh, Brian and I were just a few doors down from Beto’s suite so we had to take a picture. Room #1677 is our meager 150 sq ft interior stateroom which. Beto’s suite is the big, bright pink one in the picture below. I think it’s over 1300 sq ft. I saw into the room one day when the doors were open while they were cleaning it. It looked luxurious compared to our closet of a room.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 10.12.07 AM


Seriously, our stateroom is about the size of our master bathroom at home. It’s amazing considering it cost about $1800, without the daily gratuities and drink packages. For comparison a typical Royal Caribbean five-day cruise with the same itinerary would have only cost half that (about $400 per person). That’s the premium you pay for Zumba.

We almost didn’t go at first because of the price, but then Brian and I decided that we would take the cheapest stateroom option just so we could get on the ship and be part of the first ever Zumba cruise. I was afraid that it may not happen again and, if we didn’t go, I’d miss out on the experience completely.

Now, having experienced everything – the plethora of masterclasses and all of the awesome surprises – I have to say that I would gladly pay the same amount all over again. The experience was absolutely worth every penny.

Even though we splurged on Brian’s unlimited drink package (he got the ultimate, ultimate one which included unlimited alcoholic beverages, whereas mine only included unlimited non-alcoholic cocktails, juices, premium coffees, soda and bottled water), we did employ some cost cutting measures such as not buying any overpriced products from the spa (made this mistake on the poker cruise when we spent a grand in a matter of minutes) and not buying any overpriced pictures (even though the cruise photographers actually managed to take some good ones).


Looking back, I think we could have saved even more by skipping my drink package altogether. I don’t think I drank my money’s worth and you could get ice and water from the bar and multitude of water stations throughout the ship. Brian tried to drink his money’s worth in beer and wine and coffee, but he really had to try. I guess we’re just not that big of drinkers.


Some nights we did our own thing, like the night that we went to the adult comedy show. OMG. I had drank so much that day that I had to use the bathroom really badly. I didn’t know how much longer it would go and I couldn’t wait any longer so I had to get up and use the restroom. Jim David, the comedian, naturally had to crack some jokes at my expense. I guess I broke the cardinal rule of comedy shows: never get up in the middle of the show.

On this night Missy and Todd talked about going to see the Disney musical variety show after dinner. Brian and I were going to do something else, but decided to see the show at the last minute. They were already a few of minutes into the show when we arrived at the theater. Luckily, Missy and Todd were easy to spot. We just looked for Todd’s head. We found a couple of empty seats right behind them. We hung out with Missy and Todd a little bit after the show while waiting for the party at the Royal Promenade.

Untitled Untitled

We took some porthole pictures at Café Promenade. I really like this place because they had this yummy Creamice Mocha drink. Although, they tried to charge me for it twice even though it was included in my drink package. I wish I would have know about that drink sooner because I probably would have gotten my money’s worth on my drink package then. LOL.

Alright, it’s bed time. I’ll finish the cruise recap next weekend. Until then…


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