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Tomorrow is the Final Day of Riverfest

Posted on June 5, 2015 by under Events, Things to Do.    

I hope you’ve taken time this week to enjoy the Wichita River Festival. It only happens once a year after all. If you missed it, I guess there’s always next year.


Brian and I got to walk in the Sundown Parade on opening night.


Faith and her kids were there too. It was a ton of fun. Next year I’m thinking of inviting my little sister Nickira to walk in the parade with us. You can see more pictures here.


Last Saturday we did Zumba at Ackerman’s Backyard at Riverfest.


It was such a blast!


I’m so grateful to Pat for organizing the event.


Here’s a picture of me and Missy below.


After doing Zumba, Brian and I waited in line to for the Wichita Wagonmasters River Boat Tour. I’d been to Riverfest before but I’d never had the patience to wait in line for one of the boat tours. This time we decided to wait it out because my friend Bill who is a Wagonmaster was the “voice” or tour guide.

It was super fun and totally worth the wait. The river boat tour is definitely my favorite event at Riverfest.

Tomorrow is your last chance to check out the 2015 Wichita River Festival and participate in some of the fun events. I encourage you to swing by and check out the festivities because it’s not happening again until next year. See you there!

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