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Gamma, Anyone?

Posted on January 8, 2014 by under Life.    

Brian wanted to pose next to this sign and crack a Hulk joke.


I don’t know of any other people who have as much fun visiting hospitals as we do. Seriously. Even my surgery last year was a blast. Well, the parts I was conscious for anyhow. The trip to ER the year before that was pretty fun too actually. If there’s anything that we do well, it’s making the best of things.

I’m so grateful for having a husband who is fun to be around, who doesn’t whine incessantly, and who focuses on the positives in life. It took several years to get you to this point but it took just as long to get the crazy out of me too. I’m thankful that we’ve helped to transform each other to the best versions of ourselves that we can possibly be. I look forward to continuing to get better with you. I love you, baby!

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