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Hotel Blackhawk

Posted on December 15, 2013 by under Travel.    

I wish I had another reason to visit Davenport because I’d stay at Hotel Blackhawk again. It’s one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever stayed at for work. Of course, my room wasn’t as nice as Darcy’s which had the adjoining parlor room and balcony access. Why is it that smokers always get the best rooms? LOL.

Anyhow, here are some hotel photos.


I think that might be a pullout couch. I’m not sure. I didn’t check. I did like the separate living room/sitting area.


The mini bar was stocked with drinks and munchies.


Personally, I prefer a single king bed but the double queen rooms were all they had available. I can’t really complain. The beds were comfortable and the room was clean. What more can you ask for?


Darcy got a double queen room also, but her room was far superior.


Not only did she have access to a separate parlor room with a balcony, her room also had a tub with better water pressure. My room only had a stand up shower with really weak water pressure.


But, hey, at least the bathroom mirror had a built in TV like the room that Brian and I stayed in at the Peabody Orlando when I attended the Zumba Instructor Convention back in August. That’s a plus.

The hotel also has a gym, a couple of restaurants, a barber shop, a spa, and a bowling alley. Every hotel has a gym and all that other stuff but the bowling alley is pretty special. That’s a pretty unique amenity. We don’t have any hotels here in Wichita with an onsite bowling alley.

The location of the hotel is great also. It’s walking distance to business and restaurants. It also has skybridge access so you don’t have to walk outside as much when it’s cold. It was freezing when we were there last week.

MidAmerican Energy let us use their corporate discount so our rooms were actually reasonably priced. The hotel is an excellent value, given the rate we paid. The property is clean and beautiful and the staff is fantastic. It’s the kind of place where they always say “My pleasure” whenever you thank them for anything.

Hotel Blackhawk also offers shuttle service around the area, not just to and from the airport. I really have no complaints. Yes, the water pressure in the shower was weak but it seems like that was only true for certain rooms. Isaac, Lance, and I were the only ones who had water pressure issues. Faith and Darcy had good pressure in their bathrooms. They both had tubs in their bathrooms, though.

If I had a tip to share, I’d say people who are particular about their water pressure should ask for a room with a bathtub. Some rooms also had better views, but I wasn’t really concerned. I would be happy with any room at this place.

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