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This Car Hates Me

Posted on October 17, 2013 by under Life.    

I drove one of our electric vehicles to Topeka the other day. When I got to about El Dorado, I got a TPS alert. The right passenger tire had low tire pressure.


I know that QT has free air so I called Brian and asked if there were any QTs between where I was and Topeka. No such luck. He did tell me that there’s free air at the Matfield Green service area, though.

I parked the car with the tire that needs air closes to the air compressor. I don’t think I did it right at first because the tire pressure actually went down instead of up. I tried again, making sure that the hose was securely fastened to the valve. It worked that time. Except, now the car wanted air in the other front tire. Yup. That’s my luck.


Although I had to wrestle with the hose to get it to reach the other side of the car, I was able to inflate the other tire without any problems. And, I got to Topeka and back home safely. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Chevy Volt hates me.

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