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Archive for the year 2007

Christmas Eve Celebration

Posted on December 28, 2007 by under Family.    

Here are some of my favorite pictures from Christmas eve..

Picture 112 Picture 139 Picture 140 Picture 145 Picture 146 Picture 152 (more…)

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NORAD Tracks Santa 2007

Posted on December 24, 2007 by under Family, Web.    

I can’t wait until Logan gets here so I can show him the Santa tracker web site by NORAD. It’s pretty nifty! They’ve got a map marked with all of the places that Santa has already visited. As of the last time I checked, he was in Congo. He’s pretty fast, too. He’s already been to the Philippines and Australia and part of Europe. He should make it to the US in good time.

Brian says that NORAD has been tracking Santa since he was a little kid. I didn’t believe him until I checked their web site. They’ve got over 50 years of historical data. Amazing! Other features of the web site include video footage and the ability to track Santa in 3D via Google Earth. I bet they didn’t have this when Brian was a little boy!

Anyway, I’m really excited to show this to Logan. I think he will love it!

P.S. To speak to a NORAD Santa tracker in person, you can call 1-877-HI-NORAD or 1-877-446-6723. The call is free within the United Sates.


Happy Holidays!

Posted on December 23, 2007 by under Family, Life.    

Well its that time of year again! The Holidays are upon us and the commercialization of a long standing religious tradition is once again blatantly thrown in our faces with TV spots, Radio ads and now Online Spam. The Christmas music has been playing since shortly after Halloween, the people flocked to the after Thanksgiving sales like the drones that they are, responding to the mass media that filled there brains weeks prior to the 2nd most commercialized holiday of the year. And now with one day left to shop the “Last Minute Sales” are flooding the airwaves enticing folks to spend even more money (that most of them do not have) to satisfy the cravings of friends and family all in the name of……..oh that’s right. Christmas isn’t about counting our blessings anymore, its not about family or tradition or spending time with loved one’s that may not have much time left on this good earth. No, its about products, selling, MONEY! I remember that when I was growing up, my family would look forward to Christmas not because it was a time to give gifts to everyone (we didn’t have a lot of money in those days and my parents did whatever they could and we were very grateful for what we got) but because it was one of the only times of the year that we would all get together as a family and spend a significant amount of time with each other. To this day we still hold that tradition strong. To us Christmas is about family, being thankful for the lives we have and for what we can share. I cringe every time around this year because I see more and more people falling out of this tradition and falling deeper and deeper into that pit that commercialization has dug in the souls of humanity. I weep for what the world brings, but in my heart I know that the family I have and the values we keep will hold us together through anything that life has to throw at us.

I hope that this makes you think and I wish everyone a very safe and Happy Holiday and a blessed New Year.

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The First Ever Life After Marriage Newsletter

Posted on December 23, 2007 by under Blog, Life.    

Below is a copy of our first monthly email newsletter, borne mostly out of boredom but hopefull some of you will find some use for this. If you did not receive a copy of the newsletter and would like to receive it next time, please email with SUBSCRIBE either in the subject line or the body of the message. We will gladly add you to the distribution list. I cannot promise that this will be a regular monthly recurrence because there may be times that I will be too busy to send one, but I can promise a similar newsletter at the end of 2008. 🙂 That’s all I can guarantee for now. Anyway, here is the newsletter that was sent today:

Well, we are snowed in as you can tell from this blog entry. Since I am bored out of my mind, with no homework and no work-work (Thank heavens I’m not on duty this weekend!), I have decided to create a monthly newsletter for our blog. If a monthly newsletter is too frequent for you and you do not really care to receive our updates, please read no further. Respond to this message with REMOVE in the subject and your email address will be promptly removed from this notification list. For the rest of you, welcome!

Since this is the very first email newsletter for our blog I felt a recap of our life together is in order. Before we begin, however, allow me to wish everyone merry Christmas! May you all have a wonderful and blessed holiday season, and a prosperous year ahead!

Though our blog didn’t begin until shortly after our marriage, life with Brian really began in early 2000. That’s when we moved in together. We lived in a two-bedroom townhouse at the northeast side of town with Brian’s brother Kevin. Incidentally, 2000 is also the year my nephew Logan was born.

A year after living together in the townhouse, Brian and I decided to become homeowners. We moved into our house in April 2001. Less than a month later, he proposed. We set the date for August 10, 2002. We chose the date because it is approximately three years into our relationship. You can find other 2001 highlights here.

These are all pre Life After Marriage events. I have been blogging about my life since before the word “blog” entered the vernacular so you could probably still find old journal entries floating around. You can try Google, but here are a couple of places that I was able to find if you’d like to read up:

  • Chingay – this has stuff that I salvaged from the old web site. Many things are probably lost at this point. I never was any good at doing archives and backups.
  • No. 2305 – a few things from my old Geocities. There was a period after and and when I didn’t have a domain and was using free hosting providers.
  • I had a XOOM ( and an Angelfire and a Crosswinds and a Scribble and all of those are pretty much gone. Always do your backups!

In 2002, I was laid off from my previous employer. Thankfully, I had another job lined up so I was only without work for a week. Someone up there is looking out for me. 🙂 To this day, I firmly believe that the closing of the Spiegel call center is the best thing to have ever happened in my life (career-wise, anyway). You get comfortable and without even knowing it you’re stuck in a rut.


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Snowy Saturday Afternoon

Posted on December 22, 2007 by under Family, Flickr, Life.    

We had big plans for today that were foiled by the crummy weather. Brian and I were going to have dinner with his parents at Logan’s Roadhouse and then head to the Lake Afton Public Observatory (LAPO) for “Mars Madness.” This weekend Mars is the closest it has ever been to Earth. It won’t be this close again until May 2016. I’d never been to LAPO before so I was really looking forward to going. I wanted to see Mars’ polar caps and other surface features.

We knew that there was some bad weather coming so we thought maybe we could just go to dinner and then watch a movie. Brian didn’t want to brave the crowds at the movie theater, though. Our contingency plan was to go to dinner and then ride go carts at The Alley… But then, as the day progressed, I didn’t feel like doing that either. We finally decided we would just go dinner.

So at around four o’clock Brian and I decide to head out. Well, guess what. We didn’t get much further than the driveway. Bebot was stuck. At this point we had decided that we would call his parents to cancel on dinner. We weren’t going anywhere.

Brian tried to make the car go forwards and backwards and it wouldn’t budge. We were getting more and more stuck. Finally, we tried something different. I took the driver’s seat and he went outside to try to push the car foward, back into the garage. I had to stop, though, because I was freaking out. I didn’t feel like I was in control of the car and was afraid that I would slam Bebot into the garage.

I stepped out to try to convince Brian that this was a bad idea. Right then two guys in a truck drove by. They asked if we needed help. They offered to help push Bebot back into the garage. With Brian at the wheel and the two guys pushing, Bebot managed to get back into the garage safely. That was really nice of those two guys to stop. They really didn’t have to, but they did. We couldn’t have gotten Bebot back into the garage otherwise.

Anyway, we are stuck here for the day. There is nothing to watch on TV and barely any food in the fridge. Ugh. Pizza Hut is closed so it’s not like we can call for delivery. I guess I should be grateful we have power and Bebot is safely in the garage.

I really hope the snow goes away soon. I don’t think I can last another day locked up in the house. At the very least, we need to be able to get to mom and dads and on Christmas eve and Brian’s parents’ on Christmas day.


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