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Good Workout Day

Posted on November 6, 2004 by under Life.    

This week has been a good workout week.  Since I didn’t get to play racquetball on Sunday because I was in horrible shape after drinking too much the night before, I vowed that I would workout as much as I could this week.  On Wednesday I did Circuit Step with Ashley.  Thursday, I did Step for an hour until 8:30 PM and then Ashley, Travis and I played racquetball until 10:00 PM.  We would’ve played longer I think, but the Y closes at 10:00 PM.

I didn’t get to work out yesterday because we had dinner plans.  We met Ashley and Travis and Jason and Erin at the Outback.  Had a nice dinner and then Ashley, Travis, brian and I went to see The Incredibles.  Erin and Jason didn’t go because Jason had to work.  Anyway, the movie is really good.  You all ought to go watch it!

This morning Ashley was supposed to do Step with me but she overslept so I did an hour of Step by myself.  After that I did 45 minutes of Hi/Low.  Sarah was going to do that with me but due to some miscommunication she did cardio (treadmill, elliptical etc) upstairs instead.  Misty and Sarah did PHAT (it stands for Pretty Hips Abs and Thighs) with me for 30 minutes.  So I worked out for over 2 hours in one day.  Isn’t that awesome?!

After that we had lunch at Samurai.  I went home, fixed Nick’s Flickr, took a nap, got up, showered and met Sarah at the mall for some hardcore shopping.  Just kidding.  It wasn’t really hardcore.

I just had to exchange a couple of shirts at Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister.  What is up with the sizing these days?  I mean, I’ve always worn size small in everything so I picked up two shirts at both stores in size small only to find out that they are too small for me!

Our first stop was Abercrombie.  Remember the “I may not be perfect but parts of me are pretty awesome” shirt?  I had to exchange that for a medium.  I am NOT a freakin’ medium!!  I swear to God!  There’s a conspiracy out there against me.

While there though, I found that my two cropped sweatshirts went down to $29 instead of $39.  I just got them last week in Kansas City so I asked the girl nicely if I could get a price adjustment and she gave me $20 back (it was $22 something after taxes)!  Go me!  The stupid thing is we kept trying to put it back to my Abercrombie card and it wouldn’t go through.  Finally, she’s like “Are you sure this is the card that you use?”  And it hits me that we used our debit card!  That was a total retard moment!

So anyway, next stop Hollister.  I wanted to exchange my “Now Hiring for All Positions” shirt for a medium too.  I found a large and asked the girl if she could search for a medium in the back because the large one was all that was left on the shelf.  She comes back, no mediums.  So I say, I’ll take the large.  I try it on thinking it will be a little loose and it’s still somewhat fitted.  What the fuck?!  I am NOT a large!!

Sarah was holding a size medium sweater in her hand (the same one that I bought last week in gray; she got the dark blue one) and she promptly drops it and looks for a large.  What is the world coming to?  Everything is designed for skinny little twinkies!  There are no more cool stores with normal sizing!

Next stop Express.  I couldn’t find anything I wanted so I finally setlled for this knit tank with a matching scarf and I got another one of those strechy camisole tanks that I like with the lace trim across the front.  I got the cami in black because I already have it in white, cream and light blue.  Anyway, she rings up my total and she goes $150 something.  Again, what the fuck?!  I only picked up three things!  I knew that the sweater knit tank was like $49.50 and the cami was $24.50 so my question to her was, “How much was the scarf?”  The stupid scarf that goes with my tank is $68!!  Insane!!  I could’ve gotten one of the fancy tops for that price.  But then, I had to get it.  It makes the outfit.  The tank would be really plain otherwise.

I don’t think I can wear it to work, but I may wear it next weekend.  I’ll look like a veritable fashion plate.  LOL!

Now I think I’m going to nap.  We have poker tonight ($10 buy-in; so it works out that I just got $20 back from Abercrombie & Fitch) and I want to be awake for that.  Plus I’m hoping that a nap will get rid of this stupid headache!  Until next time!    

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Posted on November 2, 2004 by under School.    

I met with one of the academic advisors yesterday and I’ve got great news!  Even though I’m going to be stuck at WSU until spring of 2006 (because of the way that the MIS classes are structured and because they’re only offered during certain semesters) by the time I finally graduate I’ll end up with three minors: my computer science minor (which I had previously planned on), an accounting minor, and also management.  Isn’t that just awesome news?!  

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Recap Continued

Posted on November 1, 2004 by under Life.    


Brian’s Fantasy
Originally uploaded by

To continue my recap..  I make it to Orgins by 5:30 PM.  I get my makeup done.  Sarah and Savannah want dinner so they go down to Fusa.  Brian and I hit Hollister to continue our shopping binge.  He didn’t find anything of interest but I managed to buy quite a few things for myself.  I’m super excited to wear them!  Brian and I actually put together this outfit that consists of a red lacy spaghetti strap tank under a cropped fair isle sweater to wear with one of my denim mini skirts and then some cute leg warmers.  Still thinking about the proper shoes to wear with the outfit, though.  I got a couple of other things, but that was the main thing that Brian is proud of because he put it together.

After hitting a few other stores, Brian decides he is hungry so he goes downstairs for a pretzel.  Sarah and Savannah are still there eating so I show them my goodies.  I decide that I’m not hungry so I skip dinner.  Dumb idea!  You’ll understand later..

Fast forward to Erin and Jason’s halloween party.  I come as Tomb Raider and, for the first year ever, Brian decides to skip the costume.  Everyone had great costumes.  Erin was Marilyn Monroe, Kelly was Dorothy, Sarah and Savannah did coordinating bunny costumes, Aubrey was a football player.. Gosh there’s too many to list.  You’ll see them all in the Flickr album though.  I also put together a fun photoshow, if you’re so inclined and have a few minutes to spare.

The party was fun.  We played some poker and battle of the sexes.  They even took time to sing me happy birthday.  As you know, I don’t really like the attention so that was kind of embarrassing, but I’m glad that it was my birthday because I didn’t have to sing happy birthday.  I hate singing happy birthday because I’m so tone deaf that I can’t even sing the stupid freakin’ happy birthday song properly.  Thank God it was MY birthday so I was exempt from singing!  Anyway, that was really nice of them.

As the night wore on and the drinks kept pouring, I didn’t even realize I was getting a little too drunk.  Brian’s version of the evening consisted of me being loud and obnoxious.  Of course, all the other drunk people didn’t notice.  At least, I hope they didn’t.  Things are way, way different from a sober person’s perspective I guess..

I thought I was fine, but when Brian and I finally got home that’s when the shit hit the fan.  Brian said I passed out over the toilet, with my chin hanging on the edge.  He had to pick me up to take me to the bedroom.  He was actually surprised that I didn’t bruise because he said he dropped me!  I was so sick Brian said he stayed up until 5:30 AM or so just to make sure I would be okay.  The next day was the same.  Still queasy puky.  I was so close to canceling my birthday lunch with the family because at 12:30 PM I was still feeling nauseous.  Brian wouldn’t let me cancel lunch though so we went.

The sucky part is that I love Abuelo’s and all I could eat were bland chips and a side of rice.  I eventually was able to eat some chips with my favorite chili con queso with beef after I started feeling a little better but I was so disappointed that I couldn’t eat anything else.  We’ll just have to go again next time.

Anyway, we had planned on going shopping after lunch and playing some racquet ball from 5 to 7 PM but, because of the state I was in, we couldn’t do any of that.  It was no fun at all being hung over!  I think I may forsake drinking forever.  Brian sure doesn’t like it when I drink so I’m sure he’d support the decision.

BTW, dinner at Outback with Sarah, Benny, Ashley and Brian was pretty good.  I’m just so glad that I can start eating food again and not have to worry about it wanting to come back out.  After dinner we went over to Ashley’s to checkout their new PS2.  Pretty cool!

I guess this is it for now because I’m getting sleepy.  I’ll try to write a more interesting entry next time, instead of telling you how the weekend went.  Maybe I’ll write some fiction that could be non-fiction that will leave you wondering, did she or did she not?  Ha!  I think I may just do that next time.

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Posted on November 1, 2004 by under Life.    


Originally uploaded by

This picture pretty much sums up what happened on Saturday night.  But let me start from the very beginning and give you a play by play of how the weekend went.

Friday night was spent at Raymond and Cherisse’s house.  He hosted a $20 buy-in poker game.  I made the mistake of freakin’ inviting Mano and he won.  Ugh.  No surprise there, though.

The funny thing is Mano lives just around the corner.  He lived so close that all he had to do was walk.  I knew that the game would be in his general vicinity so I told him when I invited him that it was right by his house and it turned out to be REALLY right by his house!

It was a pretty disappointing game.  Brian got knocked out first.  I got knocked out second.  I wore my lucky shirt, too!  Which I’ve proven now, doesn’t work on poker games, only on exams.  I wore the lucky “I’m blogging this..” shirt to my first VB exam and got a 102.  For the second VB exam I wore the same shirt and scored a 103.  Thinking that the luck would follow, I wore it to poker the same evening as exam number 2 and did horrible.  I wore it again on Friday night and again did poorly.  It’s just been a horrible week for poker altogether.

Saturday morning we woke up really early to drive to KC to eat some sushi at one of my favorite restos at the Plaza, Kona Grill.  After eating some good food, we went and hit Armani Exchange, Abercrombie and Fitch and J.Crew for a major shopping binge.  It almost felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (not quite the $$ damage, though, but close).

Due to our shopping binge, we left KC late which made me run late for my makeup appointment at Origins.  Sarah was a real trooper, though.  She rescheduled my appointment for 5:30 PM.  We just drove straight from KC to the mall to make my appointment and didn’t even stop at the house.


Okay, I’ll have to continue this later.. I gotta go get ready for dinner at the Outback with Sarah, Brian and Sarah’s friend Benny (we get to meet him for the first time). I will definitely pickup where I left off when I return, I promise!!

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Posted on October 25, 2004 by under School.    


Originally uploaded by

This is Charles.  I ran into him at school today.  It’s been almost five years since we’ve seen each other.  We used to work together at Spiegel, in the customer satisfaction department.  He left in the beginning of 2000 and I hadn’t seen him since.

The amazing part is that I just ran into Tien a couple of weeks ago at the Communities in Schools event at North High School.  Tien works for Communities in Schools.  It’s local nonprofit organization that’s doing some really great things.

Anyway, I guess Tien and Charles have been in contact since they both work downtown.  They didn’t know that I worked downtown as well until my chance encounter with Tien.  Hopefully the three of us can meet for lunch one day.  It would be neat to catch up and everything.

Charles got married last year and has an 8-week-old baby.  Tien got married in 2000 (I think), at least two years before me and I think she has two kids now.  It’s crazy how time flies!

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