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The Beacon Restaurant

Posted on August 14, 2012 by under Food and Drink, Reviews.    

2012-08-11 07.29.47.jpg

Brian and I arrived at Tracy’s an hour too early on Saturday so we decided to eat breakfast at The Beacon to kill time.

2012-08-11 07.07.39.jpg

Neither Brian nor I had ever been there but my sister Jenni was been there a few times. We’d heard some pretty good things so we were excited to give it a try.

2012-08-11 07.16.06.jpg

Brian wasn’t quite awake yet.

2012-08-11 07.46.56.jpg

I’m not sure how often the specials board is updated, but this is what it looked like that Saturday. I usually gravitate towards specials because of the discounted pricing (read: I’m cheap). Brian and I ordered the first two items on the list.

2012-08-11 07.30.42.jpg

Brian got the Beacon traditional with country potatoes, which he normally likes, but he didn’t like them as much because they had onions and a bunch of other stuff. Also, they were cold. The temperature inside the restaurant was cold (according to Brian; I thought it was fine) so I’m wondering if they were cold because we were seated close to an air vent or because it had to sit and wait while they re-made my omelette. Probably a combination of both.

2012-08-11 07.33.20.jpg

Beacon Restaurant on Urbanspoon

I got the New York omelette minus the Swiss. That’s the reason why they had to re-make it. The cook put cheese in the first one. At least the server noticed and had it corrected before bringing it to the table. At other restaurants, the servers are not attentive enough to notice or they serve it to you anyway hoping that you won’t notice and/or complain about it. The downside is that our food took longer and I think that’s part of the reason that Brian’s food was cold. Overall the Beacon is not bad. There are definitely better places to eat breakfast, but I think the good service at the Beacon makes up for its deficiencies.

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