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Jimmy’s Egg – Blech

Posted on June 29, 2012 by under Food and Drink, Reviews.    

We met some friends at Jimmy’s Egg last Sunday. Brian and I used to love the one on 21st Street (the very first Jimmy’s Egg location) when it first opened. They kept screwing up my omelet, though. I would ask for it without cheese and they would keep putting cheese in it. Anyway, we finally quit going.

I think it had been almost two years since we’d been to a Jimmy’s Egg. That is, until last Sunday, when we met Cory, April, and Feifel at the East Harry location. My bacon, ham, sausage, and tomato sans cheese omelet wasn’t bad. At least they pay attention at this location, and leave off the cheese when asked. I liked my cinnamon raisin toast also. It was sliced thicker than my preference. =(

2012-06-24 10.52.47.jpg

Cory and Brian both got biscuit debris with two eggs on the side. The only difference is Cory asked for his eggs over medium, while Brian always asks for his fried hard. Cory thought the sausage wasn’t cooked. Brian agreed that there was something cold on that plate, but it wasn’t the sausage. He thought it was the gravy. Anyway, the point is, there shouldn’t have been anything cold.

Jimmy's Egg on Urbanspoon

Feifel seemed to enjoy his gigantic chicken fried steak. April didn’t have anything bad to say about her egg white omelet. As for me, I thought the food was just okay. They didn’t really convince me to return. I think I could probably go five years this time without going back. If I want breakfast, I’d sooner go to The Good Egg or Cracker Barrel, or somewhere else with better quality breakfast food.

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  • Replies to "Jimmy’s Egg – Blech"


    ks4isu  on June 29, 2012

    I like the breaded pork chops at Jimmy’s Egg, but wasn’t impressed to see a dozen slabs of hashbrowns waiting on the grill for customers to come in and order them. I’d rather have fresh hashbrowns!


    Ching  on July 1, 2012

    I agree with you whole-heartedly. I really prefer places like Livingston’s, The Good Egg, etc. Jimmy’s is almost like a Mc-breakfast.

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