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Gaylord Opryland Pools

Posted on May 28, 2012 by under Travel.    

There are three major swimming pool areas at Gaylord Opryland. The pools, two outdoor and one indoor, are all saltwater so it’s better for your skin.

Cascades Outdoor Pool Area

The Cascades outdoor pool area is the busiest of the three. Over Memorial weekend, they had a DJ and activities for the kids (poolside limbo, line dancing, etc.). Adults could participate too, but I think the activities were mainly there to keep the children occupied. Also worth noting is the poolside bar and grill. The staff also come around and take your food and beverage orders.

There’s a large hot tub nearby that can accommodate 20, people possibly more. Beyond that are rows of lounge chairs. Walking past these lounge chairs takes you to a sunning area that also doubles as a smoking patio. At least that’s where all the smokers gathered.

Yes, Gaylord Opryland is pretty accommodating to smokers. Even though smoking isn’t permitted in the hotel rooms, there’s plenty of designated smoking areas throughout the property. You can usually tell these areas from the non-smoking parts because they have these tall, metal, free-standing, outdoor ashtrays that Brian calls “snuff tubes” after their long tubular neck.

I don’t have a photo of the Relache indoor pool, but it’s quieter than the outdoor pool. This pool is geared towards people who want to swim laps. The lounge chairs here are padded and perfect for poolside naps without the danger of being sunburnt because you’re inside.

If you want peace and quiet, but still want to be outside, then the Magnolia pool is the better choice. It’s located at one end of the beautiful Magnolia courtyard and consists of a large pool and a wading pool. There’s a bar and outdoor eating area just outside the pool so you don’t have to go far for refreshments.

Magnolia Pool

Here are some photos we took at the Magnolia courtyard after our swim.

2012-05-27 09.59.45.jpg

2012-05-27 10.00.39.jpg 2012-05-27 09.58.44.jpg

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    Shessolovely  on July 16, 2012

    Thanks so much for this great review of the pools of Gaylord Opryland. I’ve been looking everywhere for anything that is this thorough!

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