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Trip Recap Continued: Day 6

Posted on August 4, 2007 by under Travel.    

Starfish Sea Urchin Sea Life Brian Snorkelling Brian Snorkelling Brian During the Snorkelling Excursion Fins Ching Me and My Little Digital Camera

We started this day with breakfast at the patio. This day was supposed to be the day we would spend all day at Tower Island. However, since Brian got sea sick yesterday and we couldn’t do the snorkelling excursion then, the snorkelling excursion got moved to today. After breakfast we swung by the watersports office to sign up for the 11:00 AM snorkelling excursion. Then we were off to Tower Island. We got a really good spot because we got there early.

Around 10:30 AM we got ready to go back to the resort for our snorkelling trip. We just left our stuff on the island. Brian was really paranoid that someone would move our stuff and take our lounges. I assured him that no one would, though, because everyone knew that we would only be gone for a bit and be back.

After snorkelling we had lunch before going back to the island. We fully intended to spend the rest of the afternoon there except I saw on the activity board that there was a salsa lesson at 3:00 PM so we were going to go back to the resort for that. Besides, that we ended up getting talked into going on the shopping trip to Island Village. Jimmy told Brian about the lady that rolls cigars and Brian was sold. We wouldn’t have gone if it were just the two of us, but we found out the Jimmy and Dorenda were going so we decided to with them. They are repeaters and said that Island Village was actually one of the better shopping centers where you can just browse the shops at your leisure and are not pressured into buying stuff.

We went to the salsa thing in the squash courts. There were only two other couples besides us. Brian and I ended up leaving after 30 minutes because it was too hot in there. We just ended up hanging out at the resort for a while before the 4:30 PM shopping trip. Basically everyone just meets at the lobby. At the designated time the bus comes and takes us to the shopping center and then comes back to pick us up two hours later. There were a lot of people who wanted to go shopping that afternoon. Well, actually some people just wanted to go to Margaritaville. It’s the same bus because Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville is located inside Island Village. There were three bus loads from our resort. We got on the first bus with Jimmy and Dorenda.

Island Village was nice that day. Even with our three bus loads of people, it wasn’t crowded because there were no cruise ships at port. We wandered around for a bit and collected our free stuff (the resort gives you an envelope containing a bunch of store coupons). We actually got a free color change tote from Del Sol just for walking in the store. No purchase necessary.

Jimmy told Brian about the cigar rolling station

Here are some of the pictures we took at Island Village..

Island Village Shopping Center

Ching with a Couple of Street Performers

Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville

Brian with the Cigar-Rolling Lady

Hand-Rolled Cigars

Brian Smoking a Cigar at Island Village

Brian with the Peanut Vendor at Island Village

We got back to the resort just in time to get cleaned up and make our dinner reservations at The Bayside. The Bayside is most everyone’s favorite resto. I think Brian and I prefer the food at Le Gourmet more. We actually had dinner there on Tuesday night and made reservations again for Friday night because we liked it so much. Anyway, Thursday is the day to go to The Bayside because that’s when they have lobster night. I found out later that the patio had all you can eat lobster on the buffet too. I don’t know how that was, though. Maybe if the buffet just opened it would be okay, but I certainly wouldn’t want to eat lobster that’s been sitting out. I got two lobster tails at The Bayside and that was more than enough for me. They were delicious, by the way.

Here are some pictures..

Lobster at The Bayside

Bob and Mary at The Bayside

After dinner Brian and I opted to skip most of “Showtime” and decided to go to the game room. Much to our disappointment, the dartboard was out for repair. We ended up shooting pool. The funny thing is, I won every game of pool and every chess match we played while on vacation. Well, I won the chess matches legitimately (after all, I did teach Brian how to play the game) but the pool I usually won via suck-out (we all know I’m awful at pool; thankfully, Brian is not that great at it, either).

After a couple of games of pool, Brian had had enough so we went to the patio to check out disco night. There was no one there!! Except for two couples maybe, but they were just sitting there. The music wasn’t too bad so I talked Brian into dancing with me. I said, “I’ll be damned if I don’t get to do any dancing on this trip!” Another couple came up and started dancing, too. They sat back down after two or three songs, though. LOL. I guess they didn’t have the endurance and thick skin that Brian and I do. For a while there it was just Brian and I, and also Suzanie and Ricardo, two members of the entertainment staff. We were just goofing around. Darcy and Colin came by. They’d been doing some late night swimming. I could tell because they were in their swimsuits. They ended up dancing around with us for a bit. It was just us, though. No one else. Darcy and Colin left after a few songs. Brian and I called it quits shortly after. I was really proud for Brian for keeping up with me through the hour of non-stop dancing. He did great.

Here are some pictures..

Brian Shooting Pool

Suzanie and Ricardo

Suzanie, Brian, and Ricardo

Suzanie and Ricardo

Ricardo and Suzanie

Darcy and Colin

Brian Grooving to Sean Paul

Suzanie and Ricardo, the most entertaining members of the entertainment department

We had a pretty good workout that day between snorkelling (which actually can get tiring after a while because your legs get worn out from swimming) and dancing. We both slept really well but were kind of sad because we knew that the next day would be our last full day at the resort.

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