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I Want These Shoes

Posted on January 17, 2012 by under Wishlist.    

2012-01-15 15.32.16.jpg

2012-01-15 15.20.57.jpg

Brian and I went to try on some shoes at Dick’s Sporting Goods over the weekend. I mainly wanted to see if he liked the fit and feel of the Nike Free Run+ running shoes before I ordered “his and hers” Nike ID Free Runs for us for Valentines Day. We haven’t decided yet, but I think that’s probably what we will do as we don’t really have a special Valentines trip or celebration planned this year.

As luck (or bad luck) would have it, I found a pair that I wanted. Why? Because they matched my 80’s Zumba outfit perfectly. LOL. Yes, I’m silly like that. I try to match my shoes to my workout clothes or my workout clothes to my shoes.


You’ll be proud of me, though. For someone who has no “will control” (as Brian calls it), I resisted the urge to add to my sneakers collection. I’m pretty sure these shoes will go on sale eventually. When they do, that’s when I’ll pounce on them. LOL. I mean, how many people really buy purple shoes?

Incidentally, if anyone out there is feeling generous, I wear size 6 in Nikes. Hey, I had to give it a shot. I did get a free Ladder Golf set a couple of years ago just by simply blogging about it. 😉

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