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Labor Day Weekend

Posted on September 7, 2011 by under Travel.    


Brian and I had a fun-filled Labor Day weekend. We got to see Sheryll, Clayton and the kiddos, and we also go to spend time with Cousin Tracy and her soon-to-be husband Jeff and also meet some of their friends who will be traveling to Jamaica with us next year.


We got to eat a couple of new places that we’ve never been to before — Snappy Salads and Texas de Brazil. We got to feast on Cousin Tracy’s amazing culinary creations.


I got to eat Clayton’s delicious sinigang, which he didn’t even want to feed me at first. I was like, “What the heck, man? It’s like showing a child a roomful of sweets and telling them that they can’t have any.” He finally caved and let me have some.

I love, love, love sinigang!

Other than Max wigging out a couple of times and getting us lost (she kept making us look for these highways and roads that have since been renamed and there are no signs that reflect what she thinks the names should be), we had a great trip overall. It sounds like Max just needs an update. LOL.

We also got to check out the Outlet Shoppes at Oklahoma City on the way home. It had some really good stores, but it was severely lacking in food options. Ugh. We got a bunch of stuff from the Under Armour factory outlet, though (because, you know, our lives revolve around working out these days). Brian got a compression shirt that makes him look really buff. He also got a couple of pairs of new jeans.

2011-09-05 11.36.16.jpg

Oh, and guess what. The METH sign is still up!

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