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Kurt-a-palooza Pajama Party

Posted on July 26, 2009 by under Life.    



Sunny and Scott throw the best parties. Their parties always have a theme and they always go all out. Kurt-a-palooza is a party they hosted in honor of our friend Kurt, who turned 40 on Friday. Since Kurt’s favorite meal is breakfast, they decided that it would be a pajama party. Although, Sunny made it perfectly clear that it’s a PAJAMA party and not a what-you-wear-to-bed party. That way, people like Brian (who don’t wear anything to bed) don’t show up naked.

The enormous breakfast spread Scott prepared was quite impressive. They had everything from bagels, English muffins, and waffles to fruits to build-your-own-breakfast-burrito to sausage biscuits and even various varieties of cereal. There were at least two different kinds of hashbrowns. I only got to try one because I didn’t see the cheesy hashbrowns in the crockpot. They look like the ones you get at the Granite City brunch buffet. I mostly just had a bit of the hashbrowns, a couple of sausage links and some bacon strips. I was too busy playing Rock Band (more on that later) to think of food. Looking back, I think I should have had seconds.

Brian said that the sausage biscuits made by Jen (Vic’s Jen) were fantastic. She bakes the sausage into the biscuits so, not only do you get sausage in the gravy, but you also get bits of sausage with every bite of biscuit. The individual cereal boxes also doubled as decoration, as Sunny and Scott scattered extra cereal boxes all over the house. Like I said, they like to go all out.

You can’t have a birthday party without a pinata!

Going back to the pajama theme, some people were party poopers and showed up in street clothes. Supposedly, they go to bed naked and didn’t want to have to go out and buy pajamas. Luckily for me, I used to be a pajama person so I own several pairs of PJs and lots of gowns. The only thing I had to do was find something that still fits because I’m twice the woman that I once was. Brian, who owns a few nightgowns himself, had planned to show up in one. He has outgrown his nightgowns, though. They were all in medium and he probably fits a large now. He said I can have his nightgowns. LOL.

Since he couldn’t wear any of his gowns, he wore lounge pants and a t-shirt (the Heineken shirt that Sunny gave him). So his attire was more like street attire, but he actually lounges around the house in that stuff. Though, he takes everything off before bed (Brian sleeps completely naked).

Here’s an example of what people wore:
Birthday boy Kurt, proudly showing off his newly bought PJs.





Dan had on some cool gorilla house shoes.

You can’t have a Kurt-a-palooza party without a rock band, so Dan brought his Rock Band game set up so we could all play. Sunny got a real kick out of having four boys in pajamas playing Rock Band in her basement.

Brian and I had never played Rock Band until that night. It is so much fun. It is more fun when you have a full band, but Brian and I figured that we could play even with just the two of us. The nice thing is we won’t have to fight over who plays what because he prefers to play bass guitar and I prefer to play the drums.

Here’s video of the guys playing Rock Band. The song is Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Brian is on drums, Brent is on bass guitar, Dan is on lead guitar and Shane is on vocals. Dan is the only person who can play on “Expert” level. Everyone else plays on “Easy” or “Medium” at best.

This one is Come Out and Play (Keep ‘Em Separated) by the Offspring. Shane is on drums, Brent is on lead guitar, Brian is on bass guitar, and Jenny is on vocals.

Go to our Blip.TV channel for more videos of us playing Rock Band.

We had to replace the ottoman with a folding chair after this because Shane had sweat so much playing drums that he got the ottoman wet. LOL.

Kurt-a-palooza was such a blast. It was past one o’clock in the morning before we knew it. Please be sure to check out Sunny’s blog for her take on the evening’s festivities. She took tons of pictures also.

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