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Delray Public Beach

Posted on April 2, 2021 by under Travel.    


There were no pro events on Friday, March 20, so Brian and I took advantage of the afternoon to do some sightseeing. However, after seeing how busy the downtown streets were, neither of us wanted to drive. Brian didn’t feel like walking much either but it was the lesser of two evils. I managed to convince him to walk around downtown and walk to the beach with me.

The Delray Public Beach is a straight shot down Atlantic Avenue from our hotel. The walk to the beach is a scenic one that passes by many interesting sights including restaurants, gift shops, and boutique hotels.


Atlantic Avenue crosses Gulf Stream. Here’s a view from the bridge.


This is a view of Deck 84, one of the restaurants that we tried while we were there, from the Atlantic Avenue bridge.


We made it to the beach in about 20 minutes but, as it turned out, hundreds of other people found their way there too.


The beach, though not the most beautiful one we’ve ever set foot on, was quite impressive in its expansiveness. It seemed to go on for miles. It seemed like you could go for a jog in either direction and not reach the end for days.


Neither of us got in the ocean. I dipped my feet in but the water was much colder than I’d like so this was all I could muster.


This is a view of Atlantic Avenue from the Ocean Boulevard intersection.


Gelato-go is one of the fun shops along Atlantic Avenue.


I had the marscapone with nutella. It was amazing.


There was also a Starbucks along the route, which was perfect because my friend Amy Jaramillo wanted a “been there” mug from Florida. The funny thing is, I had a Kansas mug in my carry on for Lauren (McLaughlin) and I totally thought I would be less a mug on the way home but it turns out I still had to transport one back. A Florida one this time.

The trip wasn’t a successful one in terms of pickleball but it was a nice little getaway for me and the hubs. If you don’t consider my lackluster tournament performance, it was a fantastic trip overall. I will write about Deck 84 next time. GNG.

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    Our Dinner at Deck 84  on April 4, 2021

    […] passed by Deck 84, a cute restaurant next to the water, on our walk to the beach. The visitor’s center had 10% OFF cards for the restaurant so that kind of clinched the deal. […]

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