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This Old House

Posted on February 15, 2009 by under Life.    

Once again we are not doing laundry at home. This is the fourth consecutive weekend of this tragic laundry saga. As you can recall, the first weekend was spent at the Spring Clean Laundromat, followed by laundry at my parents’, then laundry at Brian’s parents’ last weekend… Which brings us to today: laundry at my parents’ again.

Hopefully, we can get the laundry thing situated soon. I am so looking forward to doing laundry in the comfort of my own home that I think I will cry the day it happens.

Anyway, our house may be old but pretty much everything in it is newish just because of all the drama that it has put us through. Let me give you a quick recap:

  • 2001 Brian and Ching move in to house from hell. We didn’t know it was the house from hell at the time, though. Back then we were giddy from first-time home ownership. We were like, “Aww, our very own home!” I was all trying to be domestic and everything. Even Brian wanted to play Suzie Homemaker on some days. We were completely enchanted.
  • 2002 The hot water tank gives out. Thankfully, our house was still under warranty and the insurance company helped pay for the carpet clean up and replacement carpet pads. We got a brand new hot water tank to replace the one that went kaput. We still had to fork out some dough, but it wasn’t as painful as what was yet to come.
  • 2003 The furnace goes out. We spent one week of no heat. Well, we had some portable space heaters placed strategically throughout the house. Man, you should have seen our power bills at that time! It made me vow never again to use space heaters. Anyway, we had Fahnestock come out to replace the furnace. Since this was in winter, they were running a two-for-one special: buy a furnace and get an A/C almost free. So in 2003, we got a new furnace and A/C unit. We actually had to take out a loan from Intrust Bank to pay for this unfortunate event.
  • 2005 This is when the big ice storm happened. Brian and I drove over our gutter while backing out of our garage. We didn’t realize it until we got out of the car because everything was white. We were actually afraid that we had run over Big Bill, the neighborhood stray cat. Luckily, it wasn’t Big Bill. It was just our gutter that had fallen off the house due to the weight of the ice that had clogged up in it. We had all of the gutters replaced for $750 and we had gutter covers installed so that we wouldn’t have to worry about driving over our gutters in case they get clogged up, because they wouldn’t!
  • 2009 You already know this story. This is when we got brand new plumbing for the entire house.

I’m pretty sure something bad happened to our house in 2004, 2006, 2007, and 2008. I just can’t remember right now. It might be so bad that I’m trying to block it from memory.

Anyhow, we have our work cut out for us. Enjoy the video about top 5 ways to save on home improvement below:

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