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Change is Hard

Posted on March 1, 2015 by under Life.    

I’ve worn the same bowling shoes for a almost twenty years. I love these Dexter bowling shoes because they’re specifically made for right-handed bowlers. The left shoe has a leather/microfiber bottom for sliding. The right shoe has a rubber sole for traction.


Here’s a picture of the soles of my old bowling shoes.


They look pretty rough because I haven’t exactly taken the care of them. Plus, what do you expect after two decades? I’m surprised that they don’t look much worse.

Anyway, when we were at the YMCA bowl-a-thon at Northrock Lanes a few weeks ago they quit sliding on me. It’s super uncomfortable when you end up coming to an abrupt stop rather than sliding to the foul line. I’ve been pretty careless with my shoes and I figured that I probably stepped on food or a puddle of something. I tried everything but couldn’t fix the soles so I would start sliding again. Finally, I put some baby power on the soles of my sliding shoe. That was the only way I could get it to slide. However, after looking at the worn out soles, I figured it was probably time to buy a new pair of bowling shoes. I would have ordered the exact same shoes but they quit making them years ago. I had to settle for a generic pair that has leather/microfiber on both feet so it can be used by both right and left-handed bowlers.


I ended getting another pair of Dexters (Dexter Women’s Groove II Bowling Shoes) because the old ones worked out pretty well. The new shoes look cool but they’re not nearly as good as the old pair. I remember the first night I wore them. They felt so weird. I didn’t think I would ever get used to them. I had originally given the old pair to my sister but then ended up asking for them back so I could just get them resoled instead. I didn’t think I could ever get used to the new pair.

The first time I wore the new pair, I complained the entire time. Brian was like, “You just have to break them in. I’m sure you had to do the same to the old pair when you first got them.” I told him that the old pair felt great the very first time I wore them. They didn’t require breaking in. Maybe that’s true. But maybe Brian is right, and I just don’t remember breaking the old pair in. After all, that happened almost twenty years ago.

Change is hard. I never would have bought a new pair of bowling shoes if I didn’t have to, and I wanted to immediately go back to the old pair even though they were clearly worn out and should be retired. I’m really glad I gave the new shoes a chance though. It took a few weeks and several games to break them in. They’re just now getting to the point that they feel comfortable. Right now I don’t think they’ll ever feel as comfortable as the old pair but only time will tell.


Last week I bowled a 199 — just shy of a 200 game — with my new bowling shoes on. While they may not feel the same as my old bowling shoes, I have a feeling they’ll be even better. Sometimes you just have to give things a chance.

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