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Ching Victorious at Bowl-Off

Posted on December 6, 2009 by under Family, Games.    

Brian and I had our bowl-off at The Alley. Mom and dad B came out to spectate.



Bree and Jan came out, too. They actually bowled with us.



Bree and David got along fabulously.


I have no idea how Bree left these three pins standing, but she managed to do it.


Bowling results: I won the first game, 151 to 92. Brian won the second game, 142 to 131. I won the third and final game, 119 to 111. Scores were crappy over all, but it didn’t matter because I just needed to beat Brian.

Basically, I won two out of three games and by total pin count. I think even if Brian won the third came, I still would have won based on the total pins. He would have had to beat me by 51 pins on the third game to take the pin count lead. That’s highly unlikely. LOL.

Brian wants to do a rematch. He still thinks he can beat me. He sure is persistent. I might just give him another shot at failing. LOL. I think we will pick a different venue next time, though. At $5 per game, the rates at The Alley are just too steep. Our little bowling excursion cost $60 for the four of us (three games each for the four of us and three shoe rentals – I have my own bowling shoes).

Our next bowl-off will likely be at Northrock Lanes. They’ve got an all-you-can-bowl special on Sundays from 12 to 2 PM for only $7 per person. The price includes shoe rental so it would only cost about $30 for four people to bowl.

We could also bowl in evening from 9 to 11 PM for only $6 (includes shoe rental). Hotdogs and drinks are only .50 cents during this time. You can’t beat that!

We will keep you guys posted on the date and time of the next bowl-off. Stay tuned.


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