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Birthday Celebration

Posted on November 8, 2003 by under Life.    

I thought I’d share some pictures of how Brian and I celebrated my birthday last Saturday. As you know, we are down-to-earth kind of people so we just had a quiet dinner at Red Rock (I love that place!) and then we went to Hollywood Videos where we splurged on their 2 for $20 movies (we got six more to add to our collection) and we rented Down With Love, 28 Days Later, The Sleeping Dictionary and Hollywood Homicide.

We got home, moved the featherbed to the family room and watched a couple of movies. It was a request that I had made because we hadn’t done it in so long. We used to do it a lot when we lived at the townhouse. But now that we have a DVD player in the bedroom and we’ve moved the digital cable to the bedroom, we hardly ever spend time in the BAT (big-ass-tv) room anymore.

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Life After Marriage » Blog Archive » I Want One  on August 31, 2006

[…] We also stopped by mom and dad’s house to pick up Jen’s old airbed. Brian and I have been wanting to get it but we always forget to take it home with us when it’s time to leave. Now we have it and we can start having our slumber-party-movie-marathon nights in the family room again. We used to do it until our featherbed got so worn out that it wasn’t cushy against the floor anymore. I miss those nights. Anyway, hopefully I’ll have some free nights when I don’t have so much homework so we can have a slumber party night. […]

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