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My New Flip Flops

Posted on September 15, 2013 by under Shopping.    


When I was at Beau Monde getting my waxing yesterday, I noticed that they had lots of products (mostly summer items) marked down to 40%, 50% and even 75%. As luck would have it, I found flip flops, that matched my Sorbet Spots smart phone wallet, for just $5. I couldn’t pass it up. LOL.

The flip flops also match the small duffel and cross body bag that I got earlier to take with me to 2013 Zumba Instructor Convention in Orlando. I didn’t even get to use either of them so they’re still unused and in storage.

Once I started packing, I realized that the duffel bag was too small because I had to pack a costume, etc. If I was just packing for three or four days of working out, that wouldn’t have been a problem. However, I was packing for workouts and parties. There were several people at the ZIN Soiree with really elaborate costumes and props. I can’t imagine what their bags must have looked like.

New photo added to "Camera Roll"

The cross body bag idea got nixed when I found out that we were getting these nice Zumba backpacks at convention because I wouldn’t need my cross body bag then. So the only piece of the whole Sorbet Spots collection that I’ve been using is the wallet and I’m not even going to be using it much longer. Since summer is technically over, it’s about to be retired.

Perhaps next summer I’ll get more use out of these really colorful bags. I doubt that I’ll be wearing all of them together simultaneously though because that would just be overkill; not to mention look ridiculous. LOL. As for the flip flops, I know that summer is over but I had to get them. They were only $5. Besides, Brian and I have been traveling a lot lately. I can bring them with me when I travel so I don’t have to walk barefoot on hotel carpets and they will bring me happiness and sunshine wherever I go. I just know it!

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  • Replies to "My New Flip Flops"


    Ching  on September 15, 2013

    Speaking of traveling… When I come back from Minneapolis, I get to spend Friday night and Saturday night with Brian and then on Sunday he takes off for Chicago and doesn’t come home until the following Saturday. Is that crazy or what?


    Ching  on September 15, 2013

    If you haven’t been to Beau Monde lately, be sure to check out all the sale stuff!

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