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Goodbye Bags

Posted on September 11, 2016 by under Shopping, Wishlist.    

I retired a couple of bags this weekend.


The zipper of my Thirty-One gym bag broke a while back but I had been enduring it because I didn’t want to have to move everything over to a different bag. Plus, I always felt that the big blue duffel/gym bag that I got from work a couple of years ago was far too big so I didn’t want to switch to it.


I finally moved all of my stuff over to it yesterday out of necessity. Although it’s a little big, it actually works out because I can fit two pairs of high-top sneakers in the shoe compartment; whereas I could only fit one pair in my old gym bag.


I also had to finally retire the Coach crossbody bag that I got from an outlet in Arizona almost six years ago. It was money well spent because it has been my everyday, take everywhere, bang-around bag from day one. It is a shame that they don’t make it anymore, otherwise I would have just ordered the exact same thing to replace it. After all, the signature print matches my wallet.


I couldn’t find a suitable crossbody from Coach. And, it seemed like they weren’t making bags in the old signature print I had. I think it might be a retired material. I had to completely switch brands.

Here is the replacement:


It’s an upgrade for several reasons. (1) It is actually bigger than my old crossbody. It’s like a full-fledged messenger bag but on a smaller scale. (2) It’s got way more compartments to hide stuff. Lots of different pockets. My old crossbody only had the main compartment and a small outside pocket. (3) It cost most more than my old crossbody. But, considering I keep bags for five years or more and I pretty much use the same bag everyday (rather than switching bags on whim or match my outfit), it’s going to get lots of mileage. I don’t mind paying a bit more for something functional, practical, and won’t be collecting dust on a shelf in my closet.

The nice thing about this is that, since it’s black, I won’t have to replace my wallet. It doesn’t match my wallet perfectly but it kind of coordinates with it. It works for now, anyhow. Unless someone gets me a wallet (hint, hint). My birthday is just around the corner after all.

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