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Reasons Why We Love Where We Live

Posted on July 9, 2012 by under Reviews.    

Are you new to Wichita? Are you looking for a place to live? If you are, consider Quarters at Cambridge on 21st and Webb. It’s the best place to live in Wichita, hands down. Allow me to list just a few of the reasons why we love living here.

Location. QC is conveniently located within walking distance to both Bradley Fair and Waterfront. It’s also walking distance to Target, Cabela’s, and World Market. There’s lots of great shopping, dining, and walking/biking paths in the area. One of our favorite things to do in the summer time is bike to Bradley Fair (sometimes we drive if we have a big cooler full of drinks and want to bring our lawn chairs) on Thursday nights for the jazz concerts. We also enjoy walking over to Baskin Robbins or Granite City. Makes us feel better about all the calories we consumed because we’re burning some of it by walking home.

The location is close to the finest schools (both public and private), churches, and major employment centers. There are three country clubs nearby, and there’s easy access to downtown and the rest of Wichita via the Northeast expressway.

We also love the apartment community’s proximity to our eye doctor, dentist, massage therapist, hair salon, and, yes, even my gynecologist. Everything is within walking distance. Northeast Wichita, specifically this area, is pretty much our haven. We have everything we need within easy reach.

Amenities. There is a huge clubhouse on the property that is great for parties, complete with full surround sound home theater system. Every now and then, the staff hosts movie nights there. There’s also a well-equipped exercise room that is open 24 hours with special code access. There’s a corporate boardroom and business center for meetings. The mailroom is climate controlled so you don’t have to get soaked picking up your mail when it’s raining or freeze your buns off in the winter. But the best part is the salt water swimming pool, which not many apartment complexes have.

Beautiful and Serene Surroundings. The community is so peaceful and the architecturally designed landscaping is beautiful. There are three lovely ponds on the property. And the common areas are well-maintained. Even the swimming pool area and clubhouse patio has beautiful plants and landscaping.

Security. After hours access is restricted by electronically controlled gates, which helps to keep vendors and solicitors out. There are also security cameras throughout the property. Brian and I even left our front door unlocked overnight one day and didn’t have any problems.

Washer and Dryer. All of the apartments, townhomes, and garden homes are finished with washers and dryers so you don’t have to leave your house to do laundry. No lugging and trekking laundry baskets to the laundromat or community laundry center. That is a great plus.

Several Floor Plans. There are several floor plan options (3 apartment floor plans, 2 townhome floor plans, and 4 different garden home options), all with modern open plan layout so you’re not separated from everyone when you’re cooking. It’s great for entertaining. Some of the units have fireplaces, which is great for those cold winter nights. The townhomes and garden homes have garages. Car ports are also available.

Personally, I like the townhomes the best. The two bedrooms upstairs both have en-suite bathrooms so you pretty much have two master bedrooms, which is perfect for roommate situations. There’s a half bath (water closet) downstairs so your guests don’t have to go upstairs and use you private bathroom.

Great Insulation and Sound-Proofing. Unlike other apartments we’ve lived in, the walls are insulated and sound-proofed really well. Your neighbors have to be really loud in order for you to hear them. Lower utility bills are another added benefit of the good insulation. Speaking of utility bills, all units have a programmable thermostat, which can save you a lot of money when used properly.

Online Resident Portal. I love the online resident portal. You can pay rent electronically so you don’t have to mail it or drop it off at the office. You can preschedule a one-time payment or set up recurring payments. It’s really convenient. The online portal also allows you to submit maintenance requests, so you don’t have to call the office unless it’s absolutely necessary.

House Cleaning Service. They have house cleaning service on staff, so you don’t have to hire a third party cleaning service whose credentials are uncertain. The cleaning service rates are very reasonable also and they do a great job. As an added bonus, you get free carpet and house cleaning whenever you renew your lease (or annually, if you’re crazy like Brian and me and decide to sign a 30-month lease – yes, that’s how much we love this place).

Excellent Customer Service. If you don’t believe me, check the reviews. Quarters at Cambridge is the only place I know in Wichita with a 100% recommendation rating. Customer service was probably the biggest deciding factor for us when we were looking for a place to live a few years ago. All the other things I mentioned above were just icing on the cake. We chose this place based on all the wonderful reviews about how responsive and friendly the employees are, which we experienced for ourselves after moving in. Almost all maintenance issues are resolved either the same day or the next day. At least from our experience.

They’ve taken cared of raising the height of the light fixture above our dining table, replacing burned out lightbulbs, fixing a broken toilet, dusting the ceiling fan in the living room (we have vaulted ceilings), replacing the batteries on our smoke detectors, and even hanging our curtains. They even came out at 11 in the evening to fix the AC when it wasn’t working. I’ve heard horror stories at places where it routinely takes a couple of weeks to get things fixed. Not so here. They do regular preventative maintenance, and respond quickly when repairs are needed.

I used to have to nag Brian for several weeks before he’d take care fixing broken stuff around the house. Now we just pick up the phone or submit a maintenance request through the resident portal and it’s fixed almost immediately. That has really alleviated a lot of strain on our relationship. I no longer have to nag him, and he doesn’t have to resent me for it. LOL.

Did I mention that they give you a birthday card signed by all the staff members and a gift certificate redeemable at Cambridge Market every year on your birthday? The staff is really thoughtful and friendly.

This place is so awesome that most people don’t leave after moving in. They really spoil you. Many people have lived here for five years or more. I know some people who have lived here for a decade. We got to meet some of our neighbors at the pool, at community events, and at the annual summer barbecues hosted by the apartment management. The management does a good job of screening residents so it’s really a community of fabulous people. We’ve yet to meet anyone we didn’t like. Saying that this is the perfect place to live in Wichita is not an exaggeration. Check out Quarters at Cambridge. I promise, you won’t regret it.

P.S. The apartment has a great referral program so if you do decide to move in, please be sure to tell them that the Brubakers referred you. 😉

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