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Ching’s 10th Service Anniversary at YaYa’s

Posted on June 10, 2012 by under Food and Drink.    

I had fun celebrating my 10th service anniversary with my coworkers at YaYa’s the other day. Brian couldn’t get away from work to join us, but it was still loads of fun. This was my first trip back to YaYa’s since the incident last year. Nothing too exciting this visit — just good food, wonderful company, and great conversations.

Here are some food photos…

2012-06-06 14.02.27.jpg

Hummus and Pita

2012-06-06 14.30.16.jpg


2012-06-06 14.31.06.jpg

I can’t remember what these areā€¦

2012-06-06 14.31.53.jpg

Pork Medallions (it was the special)

2012-06-06 14.32.57.jpg


2012-06-06 14.33.32.jpg

Penne Carbonara

2012-06-06 14.34.04.jpg

Dessert Options

2012-06-06 14.57.57.jpg

Darcy had the penne carbonara (sans egg yolk), which is what did me in the last time. It’s a really heavy, extremely filling dish. We looked at the dessert tray, but ultimately decided against dessert because we were all quite full.

I really appreciated everyone celebrating this milestone with me. It’s the best service anniversary I’d ever had. Thank you all for making it a truly special day!

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