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Breakfast with a View

Posted on May 29, 2012 by under Food and Drink, Travel.    

2012-05-26 09.45.39.jpg

The main waterfall in the Cascades at Gaylord Opryland.


Brian and I woke up starving the next morning. Room service at Gaylord is a little pricey. I mean, who the heck pays $7 for hot chocolate. That’s before the delivery fee and gratuity. I figured we could walk down to Cascades Cafe to eat.

We didn’t even shower. We pretty much just went down there in our PJs. Except, I couldn’t quite traipse around in public in my PJ shorts so I had to put my denim skirt on. For not having showered that morning, Brian looked fabulous in his sweatpants and nerdy Green Lantern shirt.

2012-05-26 09.47.01.jpg

We took some photos of the beautiful Cascades surroundings while we waited for a table, but we didn’t have to wait long.

2012-05-26 09.44.21.jpg

2012-05-26 09.54.30.jpg

Brian got the Cascades All-American.

2012-05-26 10.05.12.jpg

I got the Crab Cakes Benedict. It was super yummy. It took a lot for me not to wipe my plate clean.

2012-05-26 10.06.06.jpg

2012-05-26 10.06.49.jpg

The cheesy hash brown casserole was pretty good too.


Here are a couple more pictures. One last one of the big waterfall.


You all need to check out Gaylord Opryland at some point. It’s not a cheap place to visit, but it’s beautiful and definitely worth it.

Cascades All-American Cafe on Urbanspoon

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