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My Very First ZIN Jam

Posted on July 25, 2018 by under Zumba.    

After being ZIN™ (Zumba Instructor Network) member for over six years, I finally attended my very first ZIN Jam™ session. You’re probably wondering what that is. ZIN Jam™ is the officially authorized program, sanctioned by Zumba® Fitness, for any Zumba®-related choreography jams, choreography sessions, or choreography exchanges that are held anywhere in the world. The ZIN Jam™ program can only be led by a Zumba® Jammer (ZJ) and is an exclusive benefit to ZIN™ members.

You can learn more about ZIN Jam™ sessions here.

Because of my busy schedule Jam sessions have been somewhat of a low priority to me. That and I had a different perspective on choreography and routines when I first started teaching Zumba®. In the beginning I wanted to be different from everyone else. Besides the songs from my favorite instructors that I had to use early on (with permission, of course) to get me through my first few classes, I generally stayed away from songs that others were already doing.

Over the years I realized what really bothered me about doing the same songs as others is when the choreography is completely different. If it’s the same or similar, I actually quite enjoy it. So nowadays I don’t mind doing the same songs as other instructors as long as I know we are all using similar choreography.

This change in perspective has allowed me to be more open to attending a ZIN Jam™. And so, it happened that I found myself at Eventum Salon on the South side of town, attending one. ZJ Jaime Ortiz led the Jam. The experience was such a positive one that I know feel significantly differently about Jams. I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this very useful ZIN™ perk all this time.

Here are some pictures from the Jam…


Here we are learning some choreo.


My friends Alex and Rose attended the same Jam.


I had to get a separate photo with Rose because we had matching outfits. (She usually tells me what to wear. LOL.)


This is a group photo we took at the end but some people had already left so it’s not the entire group. Our group was small enough that it was conducive to learning but a good turnout overall. I met ZIN™ members from the surrounding area who I hadn’t met before and learned about some newly-minted ZINs.


Here we are with ZJ Jaime Ortiz at the end of the session. Jaime taught us choreography to five songs:

  • Ya Te Olvide (Cumbia)
  • Bailalo (Soca Tropical)
  • Te Duele (Reggaeton)
  • Sin Pijama (Latin Urban)
  • Kizumbia (Kizomba)

Jaime did a fabulous job of breaking down choreography such that we were able to bring all five songs to class immediately. Thanks to the help of both Rose and Alex, we were able to do the first four songs in class the very next day (Sunday 2 PM class). I introduced the last song, Kizumbia, to the class the following weekend.

I typically only learn one or two new songs at a time so I was amazed that I was able to retain all five of these. Of course, I had help, but still this shows how skilled Jaime is as a Jammer. He made learning the routines so easy and the process of doing so quite enjoyable.

As someone who has a super busy schedule, I have a hard time justifying three hours that could be spent doing something else I perceive to be more valuable. Jaime not only made the session fun but also worthwhile. As a result, I’m more apt to sign up for another Jam should the opportunity arise in the future. It’s no longer at the bottom of the priority list.

Bottom line — it was such a great experience that I look forward to doing another; perhaps from Jaime or another Jammer. My eyes have been opened and my world turned upside down — in a good way.

That’s all for now. Until next time. GNG.

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