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Carlos O’Kelly’s Summer Drink Tour 2018

Posted on July 23, 2018 by under Food and Drink, Free Stuff, Things to Do.    

I did the Carlos O’Kelly’s summer drink tour for the first time ever last year. This year I couldn’t wait for it to begin! I kept asking my friend Missy who does it every year, “Has it started yet? Has it started yet?” like an annoying child in the backseat of a long road trip.

Guess what. It’s started and, even though they give you until Labor Day to complete your drink tour, I’ve completed it already — twice.


It helped that you only had to drink five drinks this year. Last year you had to drink twelve different drinks to complete the entire tour. You got three hand-blown glasses after the first six drinks and then a matching glass bottle after completing the entire tour. Naturally, I completed the tour twice because it’s just weird to have a set of three glasses. It made more sense to me to have six.

I know it’s supposed to be FREE but this is probably the most expensive glassware I will ever own.

This year you got two hand-blown margarita glasses and Carlos O’Kelly’s “legendary” margarita mix for completing the tour.


I planned to complete the tour twice to get four margarita glasses so I started two punch cards right off the bat. And, before you freak out, no — I did not drink all of those drinks in one visit.


I’m kind of a lightweight and can only handle one drink each time. I know some people who could easily complete this tour in one visit. Unfortunately for me, it took several. I did manage to complete both tours, though, and well before Labor Day to boot! I know this probably isn’t an achievement worth bragging about but you gotta celebrate the small victories. Otherwise, what else is there to live for?


Here’s what the bottle of Carlos O’Kelly’s “legendary” margarita mix looks like. It’s a decent size bottle.


Here’s what the fancy margarita glass looks like. It’s got a nice weight to it. It’s the same ones that they serve margaritas in at the restaurant.


Brian and I decided to skip pickleball yesterday because he needed some new sneakers for ZINCON. He mostly just goes to hang out but that doesn’t mean he can’t hang out in style. Anyway, since we were already out and about, we decided to hit Carlos O’Kelly’s to complete my second drink tour because I only needed one more punch on the second card.


Here’s my set of our margarita glasses that I worked very hard to earn this summer. LOL. It would be nice to have six and I have plenty of time to complete another tour before Labor Day but I’m not quite sure yet if I will go for round three.


Anyway, for those of you who are yet to start your tour, here’s the daily drink specials so you know the best days of the week to go.


Have fun on your journey and always remember to drink responsibly. GNG.

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