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Cards Against Humanity Night

Posted on July 3, 2013 by under Games.    


We had such a blast paying Cards Against Humanity last weekend. We played two games (which I won both times) and blasted through all the card so now Brian and I are ready to purchase the expansions.


I think I had an unfair advantage because I knew everyone, where as the others only knew me and Brian prior to that night. It was super hilarious though and, I think it’s safe to say, that we all got to know each other pretty well that night. Apparently, no one had any idea of my sick and twisted side. Not even Brian.


Here’s a sample round.


Here’s video of Hideki as the Card Czar reading us his choices for the question, “What do old people smell like?

“Self-loathing” won that one. Here’s Todd as Card Czar.

We quickly found that “8 oz. of Mexican black tar heroin” is one of the trump cards. You can pretty much play it on just about anything and it will win. LOL. You have to know your judge though.

I won this one with “funky fresh rhymes” although there were some really hilarious (and horrible) ones that were played.

Cards Against Humanity has got to be the most fun game we own hands down. I can’t believe we only heard about it this year. Seriously. Anyway, the expansions are coming so we’re having another Cards Against Humanity Night very soon. We’re raising the bar this time and turning it into a drinking game so come ready to drink!

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