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Blind Tiger Brewery & Restaurant

Posted on June 11, 2013 by under Food and Drink, Reviews.    

Darcy and I had dinner at Blind Tiger Brewery & Restaurant in Topeka last night. It was actually pretty yummy. I also got to try their raspberry wheat. Not as good as my peach limbic, but it was pretty good as beers go.


We shared the hummus starter. The orange color is because it’s made with chipotle and tomato. They make different types of hummus each day.


Their special on Monday night was almond encrusted tilapia. Darcy and I both ordered it, except she got hers with green beans.


I asked for black beans with mine.


Blind Tiger Brewery & Restaurant on Urbanspoon

I thought it was pretty good though the tilapia filet could have used more flavor. It was a little bland for my taste. And the presentation was somewhat lacking. Other than that, dinner was good. The hummus wasn’t the best, but it was delicious. You just had to ignore the bright orange color. LOL.

I may take Brian over there next time we’re in the area so he can try their beer. They have lots of other options on the menu that we can try also. And, the restaurant seemed pretty popular with the locals as the parking lot was quite full when we got there. Even on a Monday night. So that’s pretty good.

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