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Pictures From Our Final Leadership Elite Class

Posted on June 8, 2013 by under Leadership.    

I completed Leadership Elite through the Center for Management Development at Wichita State University last month. I wish I would have known that we were going to be photographed on our last day. I would have fixed my hair and worn make up. LOL.

Leadership Elite Spring

This is a photo of me with Bridget, Reed, and Dr. Graham.

Leadership Elite Spring

This is our team photo. My teammates are (from left) David, Kerry, and Josh. I’m not sure how the teams were assigned, but I ended up on the tall team. LOL.

We all got desk clocks because our team did the best in the quizzes. Although, blue team (Reed’s team) gave us a run for it toward the end. We took off to an early lead, but we were running about even there are the end. They didn’t have Kerry on their team, though. She (and Adrian from the blue team) got 100% on the quizzes. She didn’t miss any of the questions at all. I joked that she Kerried our team and thus we came out on top. I’m corny and I love puns. Sue me.

Dr. Graham was one of my favorite professors in grad school so I was really grateful for the opportunity to take another one of his classes. Leadership Elite is a fantastic program and I highly recommend it. The fancy plaque is nice too.

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