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In-Laws’ 40th Wedding Anniversary

Posted on June 5, 2013 by under Events, Family.    

Brian and I worked with his brother Kevin and our sister-in-law Kasey to throw a nice anniversary party for my in-laws. Brian’s father David is a member of the board of directors of the Kansas Museum of Military History (KMMH) in Augusta so we were to use their facility for the party. Brian put Kevin and Kasey in charge of decorations and then Brian and I were responsible for the food.

Since neither of us are great cooks, we naturally outsourced our portion. We’d had used Tuffles Catering at my work for some of our events so I was familiar with them already. We splurged a little on the catering (slightly going over budget), but how often do you get a chance to celebrate a 40th wedding anniversary these days?

The menu we put together consisted of salad with mixed greens with apples, feta cheese, sweet red peppers, walnuts, and red onion; chicken teriyaki (everyone seemed to really like that one); roast beef; rice pilaf; and green beans (which were surprisingly very good — even better than the ones I’d had at work). Truffles also provided rolls and butter to go with the meal, and cookies and brownies for dessert. The cost of the catering also included iced tea and lemonade.

We ordered catering for 35 people, but I think Truffles gave us extra food because even with JD present we still had plenty of food left over. LOL.

Here are some of the pictures of the food.


Chicken Teriyaki


Roast Beef


Rice Pilaf and Green Beans


Thanks to Denise at Truffles for coming to do the delivery and setup for our event.


Thanks to the guys for setting up the tables and chairs and thanks to Kasey for providing table covers and decorations. The tables looked very nice.


Here are some more pictures from the event.






Here’s a picture of Donna and David opening the anniversary present they received from Cousin Tracy before everyone showed up.


They seemed to have a great time. Brian and I did too. We hope that everyone else did as well. Thank you so much to everyone who came and celebrated David and Donna’s special day. See you all again in 10 years!

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