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Brian’s Early Birthday Present

Posted on May 26, 2013 by under Home Ownership.    

Brian has whined about how much he hated our mattress ever since we got it last year, so I decided to take him to Mattress Firm (it’s where we’ve bought all of our mattresses over the last five years — well, all of them except for the one he hates) yesterday to pick his own mattress. I figured this would stop the incessant whining once and for all.


Naturally, he falls in love with one of the more expensive models. Ugh.


How can you say no to this face though? You can’t. Lucky for us, they were having a Memorial Day sale. James, the sales rep who sold us our queen mattress for the guest bedroom a few months ago when the Orbases came to visit, was the same sales rep who was there yesterday. He actually remembered us. Not only that, he cut us a really good deal on our new mattress and was able to arrange for it to be delivered today.

bed is ready for the new mattress to be delivered

We stripped the bed this morning before we left for church to prepare for the delivery of our new mattress. We learned our lesson the first time when Brian and I hauled the queen mattress (that we had purchased earlier this year at the same store but tried to save money by not paying for delivery) to one of the guest bedrooms in the basement. We were able to do it ourselves, but it took quite a bit of effort. I told him then that I didn’t care how much they charged for delivery, I wasn’t hauling a mattress myself ever again and neither was he.


Delivery was totally worth it. The guys moved our old king mattress to the basement for us so Brian and I didn’t have to mess with it. They made it look so easy too.


Now we have a king mattress for Tracy and Jeff when they come to visit us later this year. It’s a Sealy Posturepedic plush mattress that we had gotten from Slumberland when we purchased our bedroom furniture last year so it’s not actually a bad mattress.

The last bedroom finally has a bed.. now for some furniture!

I didn’t mind it actually. It was better than any of the other mattresses we’d ever owned except for the one in our guest bedroom on the main level, which we had bought from Mattress Firm three years ago. We had to give it up when we moved last year because it was a queen size and we upgraded to king when we moved.

Brian has never let me live that down, though. He was always quick to remind me that our guests sleep on a better mattress than we do. Well, he can’t say that anymore.


Our new mattress may not be organic, but it’s definitely the best mattress in our house. Oh, and by the way, what we originally thought was going to be a problem wasn’t a problem at all. Yep, we already broke the new mattress in. LOL.

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