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On the Border, Another Employee Dinner

Posted on March 23, 2013 by under Food and Drink.    

We had another employee dinner on Thursday. This time it was at On the Border on the East side.

This time I knew about this a day ahead of time. This allowed my wife and I to come up with a plan for our transportation that day. I got a ride over there with our IT Director and got the opportunity to talk about the presentation I did that day. We picked up our German visitors and then I got to talk to them about my presentation. Everyone was impressed which made me feel really good.

I got a ride home from another coworker who lives in the same general direction as me so it worked out well and gave my wife the opportunity to drive to her class, get home, and not have to worry about coming to pick me up or wait around for me.

I have been to On the Border many times but it had been a while.


I’m not very adventurous when it comes to food and usually get the same thing when I go — a beef burrito covered in cheese. It’s simple and quick.



These are photos of all of the other meals that were around me.


On The Border on Urbanspoon

This time since I was not driving, I decided to have a few beers with meals. The nice thing about my job is they are not opposed to you having a few drinks at work functions. They just ask that you not go nuts and embarrass yourself or the company.

If you have not been to On the Border then you should go at least once. It’s a pretty simple and straight forward Mexican restaurant and they have great margaritas.

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