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Breakfast by Brian

Posted on March 12, 2013 by under Food and Drink.    

I was feeling cruddy on Saturday but went to teach my Zumba class anyway. Why? Because that’s what Vikings do. LOL. Sick or not, you meet your commitments. Besides, it would have been too late to find a sub. Even though I only have a handful of regulars (literally, it’s rare that we hit double-digit attendance), I couldn’t let them down. Plus, Jenni stayed with us so she went to Zumba with me.


I was richly rewarded when I arrived home. Brian made a huge feast for breakfast in honor of our friend Anthony’s visit.


We had ham steaks, hash browns, and fried eggs made-to-order.


We also had mimosas, which is pretty standard at our house on weekends. Except, we went through two bottles of champagne on Saturday morning because Jenni pretty much drank a whole bottle by herself.


After that she took a nap. Brian and Anthony started working on his SQL stuff while I did dishes. We originally wanted to go to Exploration Place in the afternoon, but the weather was yucky and I started feeling even worse than I did that morning so we all just stuck around the house until dinner.

Dinner was interesting. Jenni brought Justin over so we finally got to meet him. We had an early dinner and played board games for a while after. I was going to go see Fallen Amish at Snug Harbor, but I was sick and wasn’t in any condition to be out so an evening of board games it was. Justin seems like a nice guy. Any guy who likes playing Apples to Apples is fine by me. He won Brian over when we agreed to play Black Ops. Brian was so thrilled to finally have someone to play with. He’s like the sad only child with lots of toys and no friends. He was so happy to have a Playstation playmate who is over the age of 14. LOL.

I played cricket (darts) with Anthony for one round before finally pooping out. It was pretty early, though. I think I crashed around ten o’clock. Brian stayed up and played video games. I’m not sure what time they went to bed.

I woke up the next morning with a fever so I was even less fun than the previous day. Still managed to be pleasant though. Brian talked me out of going to Amie’s Sunday Zumba class. I’m glad I listened. I think she would have killed me.

Instead we stayed home and made brunch. We had rice, bacon, scrambled eggs, toast (for the guys), and white rice (mostly for me and Jenni). No mimosas this time since we were out of champagne, though I felt like drinking myself into oblivion because I was so miserable and had no codeine. Brian went to the store and got me some chewable Vitamin C tablets, though. I took a couple of those and then drank several glasses of OJ. Not quite as good without the champagne, but I needed the Vitamin C.

I wish that I wasn’t so miserably sick over the weekend so I could have been more fun to be around. I tried to constantly disinfect with hand sanitizer as frequently as I could so I hope I didn’t make Anthony sick. Speaking of, I should probably check on him…

P.S. Thanks for coming to visit us over the weekend. Sorry I was sick the entire time.

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