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Sit @ Thai Bistro

Posted on February 15, 2013 by under Food and Drink.    

Brian and I tried a new restaurant last Sunday after Zumba: Sit @ Thai Bistro on the West side of town. There’s actually a Sit @ Thai Express on the East side, but we went to the far one because I wanted to redeem my Groupon.


We started with the fried wontons first.


Predictably, I ordered the yellow curry for my entree. It’s what I always get whenever I try a new Thai place. It helps me decide whether or not I want to come back and try their other dishes.


Sit @ Thai Bistro on Urbanspoon

Brian had the fried rice with chicken. Yep. You probably called that one too. He doesn’t really like to try new things. Brian wasn’t that hungry so he had a lot of fried rice left over. I ate it for lunch the next day. It was really good. He didn’t think it was as good as his favorite fried rice at Thai House, though. We are split on this one because I think I actually like Sit @ Thai’s version better. Probably because it’s milder. The fried rice that we get at Thai House has a bit of a kick, even when you ask for it mild. Then again, now that Brian has a sense of the level of heat at Sit @ Thai, he could just order his fried rice medium next time.

What I like about Sit @ Thai versus Thai House is that you can actually sit and eat there. The restaurant is spacious and has plenty of seating. Brian and I went around 2:30 pm so it was well after the lunch rush. And we were there too early for dinner. Only one table was occupied when we arrived. After that group left, Brian and I were the only ones in the restaurant except for our server (who was very pleasant by the way). I like place where the people are friendly so they earned bonus points right off the bat. LOL.

I’d eat there again if they weren’t on the West side of town. I liked the restaurant enough that I would actually give Sit @ Thai Express on the East side a try. What about you? Have you tried Sit @ Thai before (either Bistro or Express)? What did you think? Did you like your food?

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  • Replies to "Sit @ Thai Bistro"


    Jonathan  on March 31, 2013

    Really love this place. I find the food exciting and I look forward to my weekly visits. I hope people read your review and try it out too.

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