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Cards for the Cure

Posted on January 7, 2013 by under Poker.    


Brian and I decided to participate in Cards for the Cure this year since our friend Jay (The Travel Junkie) is putting a couple of teams together. Brian normally hates it when I donate to random charities, but this is one that he doesn’t mind because he gets to play poker out of it. And, hopefully win some prizes at the same time.

The downside is that we haven’t played poker regularly in a few years so we are quite rusty. I invited everyone to play poker at Nilla’s (they’re located next to Club Rodeo) last Friday to knock off some cobwebs. It’s the only free Friday I had left since my Zumba classes are about to start again. I’m crossing my fingers that I won’t have to teach on Thursday or Friday nights this session, though. I really miss our salsa nights.

But I digress… Darcy, Cory, and April joined us. We all met up for dinner at Taste & See first. Cory and April had never been there before. It was the perfect night to go too, because Chef Jason will be gone for a week. He is leaving for LA today to film his episode of Bar Rescue. We took the opportunity to congratulate Chef Jason and wish him a safe trip.

Sorry, kids. No pictures of food this time because Darcy and I arrived later than everyone and Brian vetoed the picture-taking because, “We already have dozens of pictures of Taste & See food.” I didn’t argue because I was starving after working out with Darcy (my first genuine workout post-surgery) and he’s right. We didn’t order anything that night that we hadn’t already tried before.

After dinner the five of us went to try and conquer the poker tournament at Nilla’s, but only two were successful. Darcy was knocked out first, right before the break. I wasn’t getting any cards at all, but the add-on during the first break helped me last a while longer. Brian was the second one out. I followed shortly after that when my pocket jacks ran into pocket kings and the kings held up. Ironically, I had tripled up on pocket jacks vs. pocket kings vs. AQ earlier that night. I had the pocket kings that time, so I had the best hand going it at least. I just had to dodge an ace, which I did. So that helped a little, but it was about the only hand I had all night.

There were still three tables going when I got knocked out. Since Darcy, Brian, and I were all out of the tournament, we told Cory and April that we would just wait for them at our place where the drinks are free. LOL. Since we moved to this part of town, we live conveniently close to Nilla’s now.

Cory and April both did very well on Friday night. They both made the final table and, when they got down to five players, they chopped the pot five ways. They both made money. Great job, guys!

I doubt I’ll have time to play any more poker between now and the big tournament. I’ll just have to trust my instincts. I made a couple of mistakes the other night, which I recognized, but I thought I played well overall. I’m sure I’ll do well, rusty or not. And, if I don’t, it’s all good. My entry fee is going to a worthy cause that I would have donated money to anyway. See you all at the Hyatt in about three weeks!

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