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Pictures of Our New Office Space

Posted on March 8, 2008 by under Flickr.    

Picture from Jan's iPhone

These are pictures of our new office space that Jan took with her iPhone the other day. The picture above is of the main lobby.

This next photo is of my new office.

Picture from Jan's iPhone

This is the view from my office window — the wall, basically.

View from My New Office

I can see our old building and Brian’s building from where I am. It’s not the best view, but I didn’t get to pick first. I still think it’s nice, though.

The next photo is the view from Jan’s office.

Picture from Jan's iPhone

This is the building that is being demolished and converted into a parking lot. This is pretty much what I’ll be looking at when I look down from my window for the next few weeks.

Picture from Jan's iPhone

This is a picture of the building from the outside.

Picture from Jan's iPhone

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Replies to "Pictures of Our New Office Space"


Jennifer C  on March 11, 2008

That looks AWESOME! I worked in that building YEARS ago when it was Grant Thornton. Is that ALL your office??? Or do you have to share??? Either way, though, it’s still a great view just because it’s a window! Imagine the thunderstorm views you’ll have or blizzards that come down! 🙂 I sound like a tard. I need more coffee. Have a GREAT day!


Ching  on March 11, 2008

No, I don’t have to share with anyone. We all get our own offices. The office is actually much bigger than I expected. I thought it would be way smaller than my old office. It is smaller, but I think the window makes it feel more spacious. I ordered a coatrack for the corner. It should be coming this week. It is fantastic!

The only thing is that I found out today we are getting coat hooks for the backs of our doors so I didn’t really need to buy a coatrack. That’s what I get for jumping the gun.

My friend Jan has the best view of all I think. When you walk to her office her wall looks like a painting. When you walk toward mine all you see is the brick wall behind me. 🙁

Althought, my side of the building has been pretty popular because they are demolishing the small building next door. Everyone has been coming by to watch the wreckers. I joked that I’m going to have to start charging an admission fee soon. LOL.

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