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Birthday Festivities Continued

Posted on November 7, 2012 by under Family, Food and Drink, Games.    

Brian and I hosted his parents for dinner on Saturday night to celebrate my birthday. We celebrated multiple times this year (Chapada, Bite Me, Carrabba’s). Not so much by choice, but just how things worked out because that’s when people were available.

Iron Chef Brian is making dinner for us tonight.

It was fitting that the Food Network had their The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs marathon that day because Brian was playing chef at home. He prepared apricot pork roast and German fries.

I won’t explain the foods. Brian can do that for you guys in the comments. However, I will share some photos with you all…

2012-11-03 17.30.43.jpg

The German fries turned out really well. Brian did a great job.

2012-11-03 18.05.46.jpg

Here’s the pork roast…

2012-11-03 18.06.57.jpg

Brian’s mom brought over chocolate mousse cheesecake that she made for dessert. It was super yummy.

2012-11-03 19.13.02.jpg

For my birthday, they got me the Words With Friends board game, which really made my day. Brian and I played right away.

2012-11-03 17.41.08.jpg

2012-11-03 17.50.03.jpg

I had uninstalled the game from my phone a while ago, but I had to reinstall it because it’s got a scoring tool and word checker for the board game. So I’m back to playing WWF again. Challenge me!

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