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Arkansas Valley Interurban

Posted on October 18, 2012 by under Food and Drink.    

We had a lunch meeting at AVI the other day. That’s when I found out that AVI stands for Arkansas Valley Interurban. Who knew? I thought it was the head chef or owner’s initials or something. LOL.

2012-10-16 12.48.29.jpg

Isaac ordered the special, baked tilapia. I was tempted to order it too, but our server didn’t mention that it came with rice so I had to pass. I can’t eat tilapia without rice. That’s like eating pancakes without syrup for me. It just doesn’t happen. Those two things go together.

2012-10-16 12.50.24.jpg

Instead I got the fish tacos. I remembered that I liked it when Brian ordered it the last time we were at the restaurant. It has been several months, but I have a good memory. I was right. I enjoyed it this time just as much as I did the last time. And, I got to eat all of them this time. Instead of just having a few bites.

2012-10-16 12.49.32.jpg

AVI Seabar & Chophouse on Urbanspoon

If my memory serves me right, Darcy got the Brooklyn. It looked really good too.

Darcy and I both got the truffle fries. Brian loves the truffle fries at AVI. He likes the flavor of the truffle oil and he likes thick fries. I like them too, but I like the skinny ones served by the Flying Stove much better.

Anyway, if you’ve never been to AVI for lunch, I highly recommend it. It’s a nice place to eat and the prices on their lunch menu are quite reasonable. The food is pretty good also. I’ve liked almost everything I’ve tried.

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