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Our Dinner with Darcy at Taste & See

Posted on October 7, 2012 by under Food and Drink.    

Finally got around to trying dinner at Taste & See. Chef Jason has been serving dinner at his restaurant for a while now, but Brian and I have been too busy to stop by. Darcy wanted to go there for dinner on Wednesday night, but I wouldn’t get out of Gina Ann’s Zumba class until almost 8 PM. I told her that was too late for me to eat dinner, but I did counter with Thursday night. I would finish with my Zumba class at Evergreen Recreation Center at 7 PM and could meet her. I didn’t mind eating later that night because I would be picking up Brian at the airport at 10 PM and I put in for a vacation day on Friday so we could spend some time together so I anticipated being up late. I’m weird and have to eat dinner at least 3 to 4 hours before going to bed. Gotta make sure that I allow for enough time to digest the food, otherwise I have weird dreams (some people call them nightmares). LOL.

Initially dinner just involved Darcy and me. However, Brian was able to get on an earlier flight from ATL to ICT so his arrival time changed. Darcy ended up picking up Brian from the airport (she lives on the West side so it was on the way) on her way to meet me for dinner. I guess I could have gone to pick up Brian after Zumba, but that would entail driving from the North part of town all the way out West to the airport and then back out East for Taste & See. This would also mean dinner would start a little later, which I don’t really like. When it comes to eating dinner, the earlier the better. Anyway, Brian and I were both really grateful to Darcy for agreeing to pick him up from the airport.

Darcy and Brian were already there when I showed up. I was only going to have water (they have yummy fruit-infused water at Taste & See), but Darcy decided she wanted a glass of sangria so I decided to have one also.

2012-10-04 19.30.47.jpg

The three of us shared an order of platanutres, but I wasn’t quick enough to take a photo of it. We were all hungry so we started munching as soon as it came out. Anyway, I have several pictures of platanutres already. You can see some platanutres in the next photo, but when you just order it by itself then they serve it in a cone-shaped wire thing.

2012-10-04 19.43.00.jpg

Darcy decided to get an appetizer also. She picked the queso fondue which is pictured above. I can’t believe I’d never had it before because it was so yummy. It is the tastiest cheese concoction ever. The fried veggie and plantain chips and artisan flatbread that they serve with it are absolutely perfect for bringing out the favors in the queso. BTW, I don’t think it’s on the lunch menu; otherwise I’m pretty sure I would have tried it already.

2012-10-04 20.07.35.jpg

Boeing ol’ Brian ordered the real Cubano, which is his usual. Darcy was picking on me because I took another picture of it, though I have several in my collection of food pictures already.

2012-10-04 20.09.42.jpg

Darcy had the oceanic mac & cheese, which is probably the most delicious mac & cheese dish I’ve ever tasted. It’s oceanic because it has lump crab meat, shrimps, and scallops. I think they used the same cheeses as in the queso fondue because it tasted very similar.

2012-10-04 20.08.54.jpg

I had the ultimate paella, which was more watery than I like, but was full of wonderful flavor. I’m craving it again just thinking about it.

Chef Jason was super busy that night because Thursday nights are the nights he hosts Chef’s Table — an exclusive, five course dining experience. He managed to find time to stop by our table and visit at the end of the evening though, which I thought was really nice of him. I particularly appreciated it because it gave me the opportunity to introduce him to Darcy.

The funny thing is that he kissed everyone on the head, including Darcy (Darcy’s head smelled good though, unlike mine). Brian explained that it’s a Latin American thing because his Latin American coworkers do the same thing. It felt awkward for me because I had just come from Zumba and was visibly a sweaty mess. I told Brian that I felt sure that my head was stinky so I had him smell it. He agreed. I’m thinking that Chef Jason will probably think twice about kissing random heads in the future. LOL.

Anyway, I’ve thrown out one previous birthday gift idea… Here’s another one for anyone who might be reading this. I really, really, really want to experience Chef’s Table. Granted, I have to wait until I get a break from teaching Zumba (since I don’t finish until 7 PM and Chef’s Table starts at 6 PM and, more importantly, I don’t want to show up a stinky, sweaty mess), but I really, really, really want to go (hint, hint). Other than that, a gift certificate to Taste & See would be a good alternative also.

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