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BJ’s Brewhouse

Posted on October 5, 2012 by under Food and Drink.    

Brian has enjoyed some really fabulous food this week. He had the opportunity to dine at Folks Folly, which is a premier steakhouse in Memphis. I’ll let him tell you guys about that, though.

In the meantime I’m stuck in Wichita eating Lean Cuisine microwaveable lunches. Blech. I finally had the chance to try BJ’s Brewhouse, though. Three of my coworkers and I decided to go there for lunch after our training class on Wednesday. I’d heard some good things, some bad things, and a lot of hype. Plus, they’re always busy so I figured it must be good. Otherwise people wouldn’t go there, right?

2012-10-03 12.59.54.jpg

We started out with the fried calamari appetizer. It had good flavor, but some of the pieces were chewy. That’s typical of seafood in the Midwest, though. Unless you’re eating at Bonefish, the seafood isn’t always so fresh. Despite the texture, I thought it was good calamari.

2012-10-03 13.15.53.jpg

I got the flatbread pizza and salad lunch combo. The flatbread was okay. It’s not as good as the flatbread at Granite City. The salad was okay too. They brought me out the wrong salad though, so she had to come back and bring the correct one.

Anyway, speaking of flatbread, Mel was somewhat perturbed by the fact that they couldn’t make her bacon flatbread. I can understand where Mel is coming from, though. If you have all of the ingredients required to make what is requested, why not just make it? She ended up having to order something else instead.

2012-10-03 13.17.06.jpg

This is a photo of the correct salad that I requested to go with my meal.

2012-10-03 13.16.29.jpg

Faith got the teriyaki chicken with rice. It looked yummy. She said it was delicious. I wished that I had ordered it after seeing her meal next to mine. You can never go wrong with chicken and rice.

BJ's Brewhouse on Urbanspoon

I didn’t get a picture of Gwen and Mel’s lunches. Overall I think the food wasn’t bad. The items on the lunch specials are a pretty good value. I think BJ’s is a good alternative to some of the chains we have around town.

However, they do have a long way to go in terms of service. Our server was not particularly attentive. Despite how loudly Mel slurped on her empty water glass, no one noticed. The restaurant was not packed. One would expect that water glasses would be refilled automatically throughout the meal.

Anyway, I would probably go back because Brian hasn’t tried the restaurant yet. Though my first impression wasn’t stellar, I would give them another chance.

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